Unmitigated and Unmitigable Quality Risks

Keep in mind that, no matter how much you test, you can't test your applications for compatibility and interoperability with other applications that haven't been developed yet. Some quality risks cannot be mitigated through testing prior to release.

The reason I mention this is because, in this world of mobile and IoT, these two quality risks categories are becoming even more critical. Everything talks to everything else, both within devices and across devices, and everything has to run on all sorts of different platforms.

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What's the ROI of a Valuable, Free Resource?

The classic formula for return on investment (ROI) is ROI = (net benefit of investment)/(cost of investment). But what if the cost of the investment is $0? Well, if you have some free time, and want to invest that time in learning something new, head over to the RBCS webinars resource page. You can find recordings of over 80 webinars, from our popular monthly free webinar series, which has attracted over 40,000 registrations in its seven+ year history.

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The Opposite of Agile

Perhaps you've been to a daily stand-up meeting that seemed a lot like the one in this video? Or maybe a retrospective at the end of an iteration? :-)

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Expert Test Managers, the Wait Is Almost Over

The wait is almost over! The ISTQB Expert Test Manager book is written and in edit. The book should be out late this year or very early next year. If you want to prepare for one, two, or all three of the ASTQB Expert Test Manager exams, this book is specifically designed for you. It contains sample exam questions for every learning objective defined in the Expert Test Manager syllabus, plus advice on how to prepare for the exam.

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One of Those Meetings: Really Noisy; Not Much Got Done

Have you ever been to a meeting one of these meetings? A few people make a lot of noise. Not much gets done.

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Bad Software Quality Can Drive Your Users Mad

Do you worry that the lousy quality of your software makes your users act like the guy in this video? Whether your software is mobile, desktop, client/server, mainframe, or embedded systems, whether your lifecycle is waterfall, Agile, RUP, or spiral, whether your users are gamers, pilots, doctors, or bankers, whether you are a business-oriented tester, an SDET, a technically-oriented tester, a test toolsmith, or a unit-testing programmer, you need better testing to enable better quality. If you think you need better testing, get in touch with us. From training to consulting to expert services, we can help.

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Agile Testers: Building Tests and Finding Bugs

At our ISTQB-accredited Agile Tester Foundation course, we did real testing on real apps and found real bugs.  (American Airlines and Gas Buddy, take note of the bugs.)  You can find the Agile work products and a summary of the bugs on our Facebook post.  There's also a video of automated tests developed in two hours during the course.

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Software Testers Stop Monkeying Around and Get Agile

You think you're agile? Take a look at this fellow. If you need to get more agile in your testing, stop monkeying around. We can help. Check out our ISTQB-accredited Agile Tester Foundation courses or e-mail us.

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Hands-on Mobile Training Course Finds Bug (Part 2)

The ASTQB Mobile Tester Foundation course continues to yield bugs. Attendee Tim Powell found the following usability issues in the GameStop app. GameStop, you might want to check these out

Tim wrote:

Here are a couple of my observations of the GameStop iOS app.

- Search for a game

- Select Buy Pre-Owned

- Select Pick Up At Store

- Resulting page is below

Issue #1: Stores with no copy of the game available (either new or pre-owned) are displayed and there is no visible way to filter out stores without the game.

Issue #2: There is no link to the Map app from this page. You cannot even copy and paste the address into a separate map app.

Tim also attached a screen shot, shown on the RBCS Facebook post here.

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Hands-on Mobile Training Course Finds Bugs in Southwest Airlines App

In our ASTQB accredited Mobile Tester Foundation class, we find bugs in real mobile apps. Here are some bugs found yesterday by Torria Cason in this weeks class at #STPcon in Dallas. Southwest Airlines, you might want to fix your app to address these. :-)

Torria wrote:
1. Unable to update departure date nor return date. This is a condition in which the user changed his/her mind or made a mistake. 
a. Steps to reproduce: 
i. Load application on device 
ii. Select Book Flight 
iii. Enter From/To Airport (optional) 
iv. Select Departure date 
v. Try to update departure date (user can ONLY update departure date if it is earlier than the original requested date.)
vi. If user tries to update to a later departure date, the return date is automatically entered.
vii. User now has the option to update return date 
b. Result: User has to complete either entry first and return to the return or departure date and enter the updated date. I can see some of their logic behind this but I think the user should be able to select either one and update them accordingly. 
2. Unable to book a flight for more than 8 passengers – the ‘+’ is disabled 
a. Unable to add senior fare unless one of the 8 passengers is removed (eg 7) then senior fare is enabled 
3. Promo code doesn’t have a max char count – it overlaps the $/pts option off the screen 
4. I was unable to reproduce the other issue where I’d added the sql statement and clicked CONTINUE – the error now appears regarding no special chars only hyphen and space are allowed.

Torria also included some screenshots, shown here.

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