I Rock--Srilu Says So

So, the verdict is in, and that settles the matter.  Thanks, Srilu! :-)

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Test Metrics You Can Use, Delivered

In conjunction with the PNSQC conference in October, we ran our one-day Test Metrics workshop. The turn-out was excellent, with 31 registrants.  People worked in small teams to create usable test metrics, then presented their work to the other teams.  You can hear about the workshop, and see some examples of the teams' work, here.

How did the attendees feel about it?  Well, we just received some excellent feedback from attendees:

Loved it

Very relevant information  

[Enjoyed] the collaboration the workshop inspired

Still managed to cover all the content in spite of some early digressions by some of us (the attendees). :)

We really enjoyed working with the dozens of attendees. If you need help getting your test metrics in order, let us know. We can quickly transform your test metrics into a source of deep insights on project, product, and process status. Consulting and workshops are available.

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Kind Words from a Satisfied Reader

We received the following message from a reader of Advanced Software Testing: Volume 2

Good morning! 
Thanks for accepting my [LinkedIn] connection request. 
Having just spent the past months preparing for the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager exam on your book, it's an honour :) [Since he sent this message, he has found out that he passed.]
Plus, I'm astonished by the amount of great material you provide on the RBCS website. 
Thanks again! 

Massimo Giltrelli, Ph.D

We're always pleased to receive such positive feedback.  Yes, there are an astonishing number of free resources available on our website, including almost a decade of recorded monthly webinars, various videos, dozens of templates, articles, and examples, and more.  In our store, we can help you with ISTQB certification, non-ISTQB training, and consulting, in a variety of delivery styles and vehicles to fit any need or budget.  Congratulations, Massimo, on passing the exam! Glad we were able to help.

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How Not to Think About Testing

There's a series of books from James Whittaker, the How to Break Software series. Some good ideas in those books, but the titles are just completely wrong, and reinforce a negative stereotype about testers and testing. Testing is not a destructive activity. Properly done, it's a creative activity that creates information, confidence, and insight.

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Bustin' Testing Myths: Exploratory Testing Edition

I love to debunk myths. Exploratory testing is full of myths. It's a veritable myth playground. Take a listen to my webinar where I take those myths apart.

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Everyone Talks on Them

As the saying goes, "Weather. Everyone talks about it. No one does anything about it." Well, how about mobile phones? Everyone talks on them, but what have you done about them lately? If you're a tester and your answer is "nothing," that's probably gonna change. Don't get caught out in the rain. Listen to my recorded webinar about mobile devices, testing, quality, and more. It may not save your life, but it'll open your eyes to a few ways mobile devices are changing your life--for good and maybe not-so-good.

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The Year's Virtually Over; Close It Out with Some Virtual Classes

One thing's for sure about 2016, it was a year full of unpredictable surprises. You couldn't count on anything turning out the way you'd expect. So, after all the gob-smacking, jaw-dropping, head-snapping excitement, how about something virtually guaranteed to be predictably good and surprisingly affordable? That would be one of our virtual classes. In December, we're offering the following:

  • ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Boot Camp (CTAL-TM)
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Boot Camp (CTFL)
  • ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Boot Camp (CTAL-TA)
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Extension Agile Tester Full Class (CTFL-AT)
  • ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Full Class (ASTQB-CMT)

Add new skills to your brain and a certification or two to your resume and LinkedIn profile to position your self for a 2017 full of professional successes. Rather wait until 2017? No problem, we've got a full schedule posted already. Click here to learn more.

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Hey You Big Ape, Leave That Keyboard Alone!

Do you know how to automate tests? Oh, you think you do, but how many dumb monkeys do you know? Let me and a couple friends introduce you to a dumb monkey that was a real smart investment of time for one RBCS client. Put down that banana and click here now!

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"Dude, Where's My Test Budget?"

Until software test professionals can consistently help management to make rational economic choices about quality, testing will remain marginalized and underfunded. We can show you how to quantify the economic value of testing and quality, and how to explain to managers when testing has delivered the maximum level of value, all using simple mathematical techniques that anyone can understand.

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Certified Mobile Testers, Spreading Around the World

Congratulations to Akshaye Fotedar, who took our ASTQB accredited Mobile Tester Foundation at the South African Software Testing Qualifications Board (SASTQB) TEST-IT Africa conference. Akshaye passed the exam (which is quite challenging) with flying colors. If you need the Certified Mobile Tester diploma, contact us. We run live and virtual classes regularly.

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