"Dude, Where's My Test Budget?"

Until software test professionals can consistently help management to make rational economic choices about quality, testing will remain marginalized and underfunded. We can show you how to quantify the economic value of testing and quality, and how to explain to managers when testing has delivered the maximum level of value, all using simple mathematical techniques that anyone can understand.

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Certified Mobile Testers, Spreading Around the World

Congratulations to Akshaye Fotedar, who took our ASTQB accredited Mobile Tester Foundation at the South African Software Testing Qualifications Board (SASTQB) TEST-IT Africa conference. Akshaye passed the exam (which is quite challenging) with flying colors. If you need the Certified Mobile Tester diploma, contact us. We run live and virtual classes regularly.

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See You in Moscow?

I'm travelling to Moscow in December to speak at the Heisenbug conference. More than just a clever name, it's a big event with a great lineup. I'm going to talk about Enterprise Challenges of Test Data and then give a keynote on Stupid Metrics Tricks and How to Avoid Them. If you heard about these two presentations from Test Istanbul and PNSQC, respectively, you can now see them, live and in person, at Heisenbug. I'll be hanging around the conference all day, too, so let's talk between talks! I hope to see there. На здоровье!

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Hey, Metrics Mavens, Don't Do Something Stupid!

I'm a big believer in metrics, and rely on them heavily during assessments for clients. However, it's amazing how often I see them misused. So, I gave a keynote speech on stupid metrics tricks and how to avoid them at PNSQC in October 2016. Here's a video of that speech. How many of these stupid metrics tricks have you seen? 

If you're looking for help in setting up a metrics program at your place of work that isn't stupid and doesn't suck, let me know. I can do that for you.

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Ducks Killed my Testing!

Most test efforts that go over budget and beyond schedule were pecked to death by ducks. In other words, it's usually not one big problem or catastrophic event that results in the budget-busting delay, but rather a series of small incidents like test environment problems and late test releases. The smart test manager knows how to count the ducks.

In my book Managing the Testing Process, 3e, I describe a simple way to track the ducks and the pecks, and report the impact they've had on your test effort. You can find the incident tracking database described in the book on our website. You're welcome.

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SDET Special: TDD? What? Why? Really?

For all my tester colleagues, especially the technical testers, and most especially the SDETs out there, I've got a two-fer for you.

First, take a listen to my recorded webinar on Test Driven Development. I'll explain what TDD is, how it works (based on what our clients are actually experiencing), and raise some questions.

Next, if you haven't already, read James Coplien's article, Why Most Unit Testing Is Waste. This contrarian article, which sparked a huge discussion and controversy when first published on our website, continues to attract a lot of interest. While Cope and I have a different take on the value of unit testing, I certainly share his skepticism about some of the dramatic and (literally) incredible claims made on behalf of TDD.

Invest some time on this relatively sleepy week (at least here in the US) to gain a deeper understanding of unit testing and TDD. If you're a TDD believer, I challenge you to set aside your confirmation bias for a while and consider some alternative points of view.

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Join the Ranks of the Advanced Test Managers

Last week, I taught our ISTQB Advanced Test Manager for a long-time, major client in Southern California. It was a really fun crowd, with lots of great interaction on how the ideas in the syllabus apply to their particular situations.

This morning, most of the attendees--primarily test managers and leads in their organization--will take the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager exam. I wish them all good luck.

If you'd like to explore attending a public version of this class or having an on-site for your time, let us know. We're having a special promotion right now until next Monday, 20% off, so use the code THANKYOU20 if you choose to book today.

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Bingo, We Have a Winner

Congratulations to Kim Chye Woo, who attended the November free webinar and won the e-learning drawing. Chye Woo can pick any e-learning class and enjoy full access to the materials. Not bad for attending a 90 minute free webinar, huh? Want to win? Just register for and attend next month's free webinar. Start by clicking here.

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Risk-based Testing: Prioritize

One key, but often overlooked, benefit of risk-based testing is test prioritization. Remember, without prioritization, nothing is a priority. Learn how to do risk-based testing here. Want more help? Contact us.

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Mobile Devices, Mobile Apps, Quality, and Testing

Can a mobile device save your life? Or not? Find out more about the intersection of mobile devices, mobile apps, quality, and testing, coming up in just 15 minutes. Catch the free webinar at 1 PM Central and then again at 8:30 PM Central. Register here.

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