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Security is all the attributes and emergent properties of software products that bear on its ability to prevent unauthorized access, whether accidental or deliberate, to programs and data.

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If you are a software developer, software development manager, or software quality assurance staff member, you probably know that developing secure software is no longer simply desirable—it’s completely essential. 

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Seven Steps to Reducing Software Security Risks

By Rex Black, President, RBCS, Inc.

If you are a software tester, programmer, or manager, you probably know that developing secure software is no longer simply desirable—it’s completely essential.  

Some might assume that most security problems arise from the operating system or networking layers, well below the application code they are working on.  However, figures for Web-based applications show that over three-quarters of security exploits arose from applications. 

So, you know you need secure code, but how to get there? What are your security risks?  What security failures and bugs do you have?  What do these security risks, failures, and bugs mean?  How can you reduce security risk in a way that doesn’t create new problems?  How do you monitor my progress over time?  This article will outline seven steps that will allow you to answer these and other questions as you improve your software’s security.

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Podcast Episodes

Let’s suppose you bought a car. Six days later, someone from the dealership let himself into your garage, removed the tires on the car, installed some “updated” tires that actually had holes in them, and then left. In the morning, your car was there in the garage, all sad and undriveable on its flat, flabby tires. That’s clearly unacceptable, in fact even criminal, but we allow the same thing to happen all the time with software. Why? In this webinar, Rex will catalog infamous automated software updates, released without sufficient testing to wreak havoc, or at least inconvenience. He’ll then give a detailed roadmap for reducing your chances of being part of the problem.

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ISTQB Virtual Advanced Security Tester Boot Camp

The Advanced Security Tester Boot Camp course, created by Rex Black, past President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), past President of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) and co-author of a number of International Software Testing Qualifications Board syllabi, is ideal for testers and test teams preparing for certification in a short timeframe with time and money constraints.

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