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Webinar: Dimensions of Test Coverage 8/6/15

Length: 1h 7m 9s
Download (76.9 MB)


You hear people talk about “coverage” a lot in testing, but what exactly do they mean? Three different people could mean three—or more—different things when they use this word. It’s not that those different meanings are wrong, they’re just—different. Test coverage is a powerful and important topic, and it’s time we all got clear on what it means and how to use it. So, in this free webinar, Rex will explore the various dimensions of test coverage and how you can make those dimensions work for you on your next testing project.

Webinar: Schools of Testing Debate 4/15/2014

Length: 1h 10m 9s
Download (128.5 MB)


“Schools of Testing”: Useful Paradigm or Negative Influence? Are there really four different “schools of testing”? Do you have to belong to one? Or are there just different testing strategies, to be selected and blended as appropriate? Has the concept of “schools of testing” promoted clearer thinking about testing, or has this concept actually created a useless schism, sowing conflict and slowing growth of the profession? In this debate, Rex Black argued the negative side of the case, being one of the leading critics of the concept of “schools of testing.” One the other side, you’ll hear one of the originators of the concept, Cem Kaner, argue for its benefits. Love it or hate it, you can hear both sides and make up your own mind.

Webinar: Case Studies in Successful Use of Free Tools: 7/7/15

Length: 1h 11m 9s
Download (40.7 MB)


Free tools are great, because they are always in budget, right? Well, not always, because your time is valuable. You can waste a lot of time if you misuse free tools. However, with commercial tool vendors pounding down your doors, trying to convince you to buy their gee-whiz test tool (often with a gee-whiz price tag to match), you might forget to look at the open-source test tool options available to you. In this talk, drawn from three decades of industry experience including recent consulting work with many clients, Rex will provide some case studies—and the lessons we can learn from them—in successful use of free tools. He’ll also give some cautionary tales of free tool usage gone astray.

Webinar: The Most Dangerous Fallacies of Risk-based Testing: 5/20/15

Length: 1h 5m 39s
Download (3.8 MB)


Mark Twain once wrote, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” In logic, that thing you know that just ain’t so is called a fallacy. Fallacies abound in software testing, and risk-based testing especially suffers from a number of misconceptions. Are you laboring under such delusions? If so, what damage is that doing to your ability to implement the most effective and efficient way to manage the risk to the quality of your software and systems? In this free webinar, Rex will identify and dispel these fallacies, and take your questions about risk-based testing fallacies that are affecting you.

Webinar: Ten Things Managers and Developers Should Know about Testing…but Usually Don’t: 4/8/15

Length: 1h 22m 55s
Download (4.7 MB)


Did you ever wonder why your colleagues sometimes look at you funny when you’re explaining your test results, or ask you strange questions like, “Why don’t you find all the bugs in testing?” Maybe they don’t understand what you do or even why you do what you do. In this free webinar, Rex will reveal ten common misunderstandings that your fellow software professionals have about testing, and discuss ways to resolve those misunderstandings to promote better communication.

Webinar: Leading a Test Team: 3/26/15

Length: 1h 21m 40s
Download (4.7 MB)


In many ways, leading a test team is like leading any other team. After all, people are people, no matter what work they do or where they live. Of course, there are some aspects that are specific to managing technical teams. And there are a few aspects that are specific to managing a test team. Given a good team, which you’ve developed carefully, how can you get the best work from them and keep them engaged and motivated? Rex will explore some ideas, and take your questions, in this free webinar.

Webinar: Skynet Has Arrived: Will Ubiquitous Connectivity via Mobile and Distributed Computing Give Us Convenience or the Terminator? 02/25/15

Length: 1h 31m 42s
Download (5.2 MB)


What would John Connor, son of Sarah Connor, hero of the resistance in the “Terminator” movie series, say about the Internet of things, the ubiquity of mobile devices, the fact that we almost ran out of IP addresses, software that updates itself, and other signs of the coming computer apocalypse? He’d probably tell us to pull the plug, quickly! Beyond the nightmare scenario of the “Terminator” films, what are the implications of quality, and lack of quality, for the now-real situation that everything is connected to everything else? Will it be Neuromancer, “Terminator,” androids dreaming of electric sheep, or something more benign? Join us for some fun and interesting speculation and prediction on the future of limitless connectivity.

Webinar: Interviewing Testers: 1/2/15

Length: 1h 26m 38s
Download (5 MB)


This is an encore presentation of one of our most popular webinars. If you missed it the first time, you can catch it now. Did you know that dealing with a single problem employee can consume as much as 50% of his or her manager’s time? Imagine how that reduces the manager’s effectiveness! This is why making smart hiring decisions is one of the most important and central roles for test leads and test managers. However, it’s also one of the hardest roles we face. In this webinar, Rex Black, having hired dozens of testers and coached managers around the world on how to improve their hiring practices, will share some of the techniques you can use to ensure that your next hiring decision is the best one you’ve made—so far.

Webinar: Test Estimation: 12/3/14

Length: 1h 35m 46s
Download (5.5 MB)


This is a third presentation of one of our most popular webinars, which had almost 2,500 registrants. If you missed it the first time, you can catch it now, and hear about how test estimation is done, using techniques that work in both traditional and Agile lifecycles. How many testers do we need? How many test cases do we need? How many bugs will testing find? How long will testing take? Those are good questions, but those questions are often hard to answer. In this webinar, drawn from three decades of industry experience and materials in his best-selling book Managing the Testing Process, 3rd edition, Rex will discuss fundamental techniques for test estimation. Join in the discussion after the initial presentation, and ask Rex about the challenges you face with test estimation.

Webinar: Agile Risk-based Testing: A How-to Guide 11/12/14

Length: 1h 35m 53s
Download (5.5 MB)


Perhaps you, like many software testers and test managers, are enjoying the benefits of incorporating a lightweight analytical risk-based testing strategy such as RBCS’s Pragmatic Risk Analysis and Management (PRAM) technique into your test approach. What if your organization is adopting an agile methodology? Can you still use PRAM and other similar analytical risk-based testing strategies? Absolutely. In this webinar, Rex will explain the process for integrating quality risk identification and assessment into the release and iteration planning processes, and for integrating quality risk mitigation into each iteration. You’ll return to work with a proven method for injecting risk-based testing into your agile processes.

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