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The Myths of Pairwise Testing: 9/27/13

Length: 1h 2m 36s
Download (10.7 MB)


In the Spanish Conquista of North America, there were myths, such as the fountain of youth and El Dorado the city of gold. Today in software testing, there are myths as well, including myths surrounding the use of pairwise testing techniques. While pairwise testing can be useful for certain high-risk situations, too often it is used in situations where it is not needed or where it provides less benefit (often at a higher cost) than other test design techniques. So, how do we choose the right time to use pairwise testing? How do we avoid its misuse and overuse? Join Rex for an iconoclastic webinar that will change the way you think about pairwise testing.

Webinar: The Sherpas of Testing Success 08/14/13

Length: 1h 2m 26s
Download (10.7 MB)


How can independent test teams guide an organization to success? What organizational options exist for such teams? How does independent testing fit into the software lifecycle? How can we measure success for such team? In this presentation, drawn from three decades of industry experience, Rex will help you find answers to these questions, and to establish—or improve—your independent testing team. Join in the discussion after the initial presentation, and ask Rex about the challenges you face with test estimation.

Webinar: ISTQB in a Nutshell: 7/23/13

Length: 1h 1m 49s
Download (10.6 MB)


The ISTQB tester certification program has had a tremendous positive impact on the software testing world, with over 300,000 certifications issued around the world. Perhaps you’re considering getting an ISTQB certification, but have questions. What’s going on with the ISTQB? How does it operate? Where to the exams come from? How does the ISTQB certification fit into a tester’s career path? What’s the international profile of the ISTQB program? As an active volunteer in the ISTQB program and former President of the ISTQB and ASTQB, Rex can answer your questions. Join Rex for an overview of what you might want to know about the ISTQB before committing your time and energy to the certification, and for an opportunity to ask questions.

Webinar: The Seven Deadly Sins of Testing: 6/11/13

Length: 0h 53m 36s
Download (9.2 MB)


Many smart, otherwise-capable testers sabotage their own careers by committing one or more of the deadly sins of testing. 1. Irrelevance/redundancy 2. Ignorance of relevant skills or facts 3. Obstructionism 4. Adversarialism 5. Nit-picking 6. Blindness to project/organizational priorities 7. Last-moment-ism Are you your own worst enemy? Come join us to discuss these seven deadly sins with Rex. You might recognize your own behaviors, or behaviors of others on your test team. Rex gives examples of these behaviors through case studies, and tells you how to stop the behaviors and solve the problems those behaviors have created. For sinners and non-sinners alike, Rex offers ideas on how to become a testing saint.

Webinar: Measuring Testing Service Providers: 5/23/13

Length: 1h 5m 57s
Download (11.3 MB)


Many organizations use outside service providers to perform some or even all of their testing. Some attendees of these free webinars work for such service providers. Whichever camp you’re in, you might need to know whether the services being provided are really meeting the needs. Can you measure success? Yes, and it’s easier than you might think. There are a dozen concrete measures of the effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, responsiveness, and attitude associated with these services. In this free webinar, Rex will discuss these metrics, helping both sides of the service relationship do a better job.

Profiles in Failure: 4/24/13

Length: 1h 27m 23s
Download (15 MB)


You can often learn a lot more from a failed project than you can from one that succeeds. So, in this free webinar, Rex offers detailed case studies of three projects that failed—even though they could have succeeded. Each project was very different, but common themes emerge: earlier testing, better quality throughout the project, tighter collaboration between testers and other stakeholders, and better vendor quality management. Rex will discuss how to you can learn the lessons that could have saved these projects so you can avoid being a profile in failure on your next project.

Webinar: Dimensions in Test Coverage: 3/12/13

Length: 1h 27m 35s
Download (15 MB)


You hear people talk about “coverage” a lot in testing, but what exactly do they mean? Three different people could mean three—or more—different things when they use this word. It’s not that those different meanings are wrong, they’re just—different. Test coverage is a powerful and important topic, and it’s time we all got clear on what it means and how to use it. So, in this free webinar, Rex will explore the various dimensions of test coverage and how you can make those dimensions work for you on your next testing project.

Agile Testing in Real World 02/26/13

Length: 1h 31m 10s
Download (15.7 MB)


Lots of organizations are adopting Agile. Some of these organizations are finding practical ways to integrating testing into Agile lifecycles. In this presentation, Rex will address challenges and opportunities associated with Agile, different ways of adapting Agile lifecycles and the testing within those lifecycles, and how Agile differs from traditional lifecycles. We’ll examine tools and metrics for Agile projects. We’ll address whether Agile can be used for outsourced projects. We’ll look at different options for organizing test teams on Agile projects, and why only some of these options can work. Rex will offer his thoughts on Agile and quality, and what skills and personalities work best in Agile projects. In this free webinar, Rex will discuss these points and more, giving you a better shot at Agile testing success.

ISTQB New Advanced Syllabi 01/09/13

Length: 1h 35m 10s
Download (16.3 MB)


The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) has already effected profound change in the software testing field, with over 250,000 people having attained Foundation certification. But a Foundation certification is just that: only a Foundation. The ISTQB Advanced program is achieving great success, with tens of thousands of people getting one or more of the Advanced certifications. Now the ISTQB has made that program even better, releasing a new version, more streamlined, more market-friendly version of the Advanced syllabus in October 2012. In this webinar, Rex Black, co-author of the new Advanced syllabus, will explain what’s new and what’s great about the ISTQB Advanced syllabus, and how it can guide you, your testing colleagues, and your organization toward better testing, reduced risk, and higher quality.

Test Estimation:12/6/12

Length: 1h 33m 25s
Download (16 MB)


This is a repeat presentation of one of our most popular webinars, which had over 1,600 registrants. If you missed it the first time, you can catch it now, and hear about how test estimation is done, using techniques that work in both traditional and Agile lifecycles. How many testers do we need? How many test cases do we need? How many bugs will testing find? How long will testing take? Those are good questions, but those questions are often hard to answer. In this webinar, drawn from three decades of industry experience and materials in his best-selling book Managing the Testing Process, 3rd edition, Rex will discuss fundamental techniques for test estimation. Join in the discussion after the initial presentation, and ask Rex about the challenges you face with test estimation.

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