Just What Is It You Do?

Why did the wild turkey cross the pathway? "To get to the other side"​ just doesn't feel like a very satisfying answer, does it?

Unclear about what exactly you and your fellow testers or QA team members do? That's bad. In my assessments with clients around the world, I've found that many problems for many test groups, more frequent and serious than problems caused by lack of core competencies, were due to bad expectations about what testing and QA were doing and what they could accomplish. These bad expectations were held either within the team, by others about the team, or (usually) both.

Fortunately, there's a straightforward way to fix this issue. By working collaboratively with the test team and with key test and quality stakeholders, it's possible to clearly define the objectives for testing. With the objectives defined, success criteria (yes, metrics) can be devised and used as test process health monitors. The questions of what testing does and whether it is working are thus answered.

If you need help solving this problem, contact us. We have solved this problem for other companies around the world, and we can help you solve it, too.

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