Interesting Conversation with Joe Colantonio of Test Talks

I had an interesting conversation with Joe Colantonio of Test Talks recently, covering test automation, test metrics, certification, best practices, and more. The podcast is now live. Check it out here.

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ISTQB Progress Continues

As you can see here, the ISTQB continues to make great progress in covering the world and expanding the program. My company, RBCS, is proud to be an ASTQB accredited training provider, offering six accredited or four soon-to-be-accredited training courses. Personally, I'm proud of the hundreds of volunteer hours I've spent, both in Executive roles (as President and Governance Officer) and now focusing on helping to develop Agile syllabi and working with the Advanced Working Group.

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Don't Let Your Software End Up on the Bone Pile

Are you worried about lousy quality resulting in your software ending up on the bone pile of history? We can help you avoid that horrible fate. Contact us for help improving your testing, via consulting, training, and expert services. Learn more here.

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Show and Tell: Code Coverage with gcov

We're not fibbin', code coverage is really important; fortunately, tools are free and easy to use.

The automated testing pyramid says that organizations should focus on automation primarily of low-level tests, such as unit tests. It's great to have lots of automated unit tests, but how good are those tests, really, at managing risk? One way to measure that is using code coverage metrics. In this recorded One Key Idea webinar, Rex demonstrates the use of a basic, free tool, gcov, which is part of the Linux suite of development tools, to measure statement and branch coverage. .

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The Year of the Expert Test Manager Continues

Being a test manager or a snake charmer both require serious expertise!

Back at the beginning of 2017, I promised to do my best to make 2017 the year of the expert test manager. Well, our commitment to that promise continues. At the end of this month, the Expert Test Manager book will hit the market, as you can see here. And, at the start of next month, we conclude our three-part series of Expert Test Manager boot camps, this one focusing on the Team module, which you can sign up for here.

See, we weren't kidding back in January when we proclaimed 2017 the Year of the Expert Test Manager (see video here). Stay tuned, because we have some exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks about when and where the first-ever live Expert Test Manager courses will happen.

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New Book on Mobile Testing

Remember when "mobile phone" meant walking around until you found one of these?

Some good news for people involved in mobile testing. I've just signed a contract to publish a book on the topic. The text and figures are already done, just a matter of assembling them into a book. The book will cover the ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester syllabus, and so it will be both an excellent source for mobile testers and a prep guide for those wanting to take the exam. I'll keep you posted on progress as we get closer to the publication date.

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Bring Four Friends and We'll Come Running

Are you a tester, programmer, SDET, test manager, or product owner looking for a public training course? Nothing on anyone's schedule? Guess what, we are on your schedule and in your city. Just bring four friends and we'll run a public course when and where you want it. Hear more about this deal here.

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Fully Leverage Agile Test Automation

Are you fully leveraging all the test automation opportunities offered by Agile? Most of our clients aren't. Don't miss out. Learn how to fully leverage test automation in your Agile testing by listening to this webinarthis webinar.

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Summit, Summit, Bug-a-thon

Testers, test automators, SDETs, product owners, scrum masters, programmers, and other quality professionals, May is going to start with a bang. If you're involved in Agile testing or test automation, join me for one of the upcoming Agile Testing and Test Automation summits in New York City or Denver.

If you attend the Denver event, you can stick around for the Black-box Bug-a-thon. What's a bug-a-thon, you ask? Good question! Learn more in this quick video.

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Psst. Wanna Free Puppy?

If you're looking around at test tools, you should consider both commercial and open-source test tools. Many of the open-source tools are quite good, in some cases better than their commercial competitors. However, it's important to remember that free test tools are like free puppies, only not as cute and they won’t lick your face.

At the risk of making the joke unfunny by explaining it, a free puppy is free to get but not free to have. Puppies eat, puppies get sick and need to go to the vet, puppies need shots, puppies chew things up, and puppies crap in the house. Sometimes puppies go away and make everyone really, really sad. Well, just like commercial tools and free puppies, free tools can cost a lot, do a lot of damage, create bad smells, and make people really sad, too.

If you need help understanding your test tool needs and coming up with a smart test tool strategy that includes the right mix of commercial and open-source tools, contact us. We have no ax to grind, as we are (and always have been) entirely tool-promiscuous, without any vendor or community partnerships to bias our advice. Oh, yeah, and we really love puppies.

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