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Test Automation Success

Test automation is great, except when it isn't. And when it isn't great, it can be really, really bad. We've had clients tell us stories of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars squandered on test automation efforts that never delivered the expected benefits.

We can help you avoid test automation dysfunction. We have a framework, aligned with the ISTQB Test Automation Engineering model that we use to evaluate test automation strategies and technologies against proven best (and worst) practices. We can also provide expert senior consultants at your location to serve as senior test automation architects, to help you re-direct an under-achieving test automation effort or to launch a new test automation effort in the right direction.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve test automation success.

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ASQ Presents "Stupid Metrics Tricks—and How to Avoid Them" in Austin, TX

Join Rex's talk where he will give real-world examples, explain the management and economic theories behind metrics, and help you find ways to implement metrics that aren’t stupid. Click here for more details.

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Work with Rex Black on a Test Assessment

We’ll let one of our clients, a QA Director at a large gaming company, explain: “Rex Black helped our team see our gaps in development and quality assurance and created a plan that allowed us to go from delivering results, to delivering high quality results. He navigates through ambiguity to clarify strategy; sorts through ideas to refine key goals, and sets a course to close quality gaps with clear and achievable milestones. He is a humble, personable, and adaptable partner and he can take your organization from good to great!” 

Contact us at info@rbcs-us.com today to find out how we can help you go from good to great, too.

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Is Testing a Waste of Time and Money?

Is software testing a waste of time and money?  Many people outside of the testing profession seem to think so, and, based on the relative paucity of money devoted to testing compared to other activities in the lifecycle, it’s certainly not a high priority for many organizations.  Is that smart?  Why do we test software?  What benefits, goals, and objectives does testing serve?  Attend this presentation to learn solid, hard-headed, convincing reasons why testing is one of the smartest investments you can make, and why organizations that invest in testing receive long-lasting benefits from doing so.  Rex will lay out the case for software testing and answer your questions. Register now for November 19, 2019, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CST

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Did you miss Rex’s October presentation on Automated Testing?

No problem! You can click here to catch up quickly via a podcast!

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Learn from Your Tests

Reviewing my book, Pragmatic Software Testing, as part of preparing a report for a client, I found something I think is worth repeating: "You should design test cases so that you can learn something you didn't already know from each test case, and you should be happy when you do learn something from [each of] your tests [when you run it]. Furthermore, you should ideally learn the scariest, most dangerous facts first whenever possible [during test execution]." 

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RBCS Security Assessments: Don't Make the News for the Wrong Reasons

Security Assessments: Don't Make the News for the Wrong Reasons
You probably remember the steady drip of stories over the last year, about how some company got hacked and it cost them a lot of money? A sneaky web exploit based on access tokens damaged Facebook's already-shaky reputation and may cost the company a $1.6 billion fine. T-Mobile leaked the personal data of about 2 million customers due to an API bug; several months later, the company is still working on the issue. From the code you write to the web sites you maintain to the servers you use to the security protections you have in place, the odds are pretty good that you are exposed, too.
You want to keep your company out of such a dreary hall of shame, right? Well, in just a few weeks, we can help you sleep easier. Our on-site security assessment, aligned with the ISTQB's identified application, system, and network security best practices, will evaluate your security posture and identify vulnerabilities. We'll give you a detailed report, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with prioritized recommendations, positioning you to keep your company out of the news. Contact us to find out more.
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Sad Bactrian, Happy Dromedary, Hungry Dromedary

Can anyone figure out what this haiku has to do with software engineering and testing?

Change sad Bactrian
To happy Dromedary
Make it very Hungry

Credit to co-creator Craig Monroe.
#softwaretesting #softwarequality 

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Turbo Charge Your Onsite Assessment with Defect Management!

Add a metrics driven approach to benchmarking against industry best practices to your already robust RBCS onsite assessment. Have a baseline against which to measure improvements. What are you waiting for? Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about this valuable approach from Michael Mah, managing partner of QSM Associates, and Rex Black, RBCS, Inc. Contact us to schedule your assessment.

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