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This month, we had two webinars, so we had two free e-learning drawings. Congratulations to Melissa Kluthe and Laura Vandenbosch. If you want to win, just register for and attend upcoming free RBCS webinars here.

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Am I Good Enough?

Do you ever wonder whether you are a good enough bug finder? Alleviate the self-doubt by seeing how you measure up, using the defect detection effectiveness metric. Learn more by listening to this podcast version of the free webinar:

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Toys in the Attic?

Based on someone's question in a LinkedIn thread, "Why bother to measure test automation ROI?" I'll re-post a comment I've made before. As I've long said about test automation tools, without a business case and demonstrable ROI, it's not a tool, it's a toy. Playing with toys is all well and good until management catches you at it, and then they'll make you stop.

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One Key Idea: Measuring Defect Detection Effectiveness

A typical objective of testing is finding defects, but how effectively do you achieve that objective?  Fortunately, there’s a way to measure that, using a metric called defect detection effectiveness.  Check out this One Key Idea webinar, where Rex explains how to use two simple, easy-to-gather metrics to calculate defect detection effectiveness, and also shares some insights into how to use that metric to set a baseline for future improvements and to benchmark yourself against other companies.

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Security Assessments: Don't Make the News for the Wrong Reasons

You probably remember the steady drip of stories over the last year, about how some company got hacked and it cost them a lot of money?  A sneaky web exploit based on access tokens damaged Facebook's already shaky reputation and may cost the company a $1.6 billion fine. T-Mobile leaked the personal data of about 2 million customers due to an API bug; several months later, the company is still working on the issue.  From the code you write to the web sites you maintain to the servers you use to the security protections you have in place, the odds are pretty good that you are exposed, too.
You want to keep your company out of such a dreary hall of shame, right? Well, in just a few weeks, we can help you sleep easier. Our on-site security assessment, aligned with the ISTQB's identified application, system, and network security best practices, will evaluate your security posture and identify vulnerabilities. We'll give you a detailed report, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with prioritized recommendations, positioning you to keep your company out of the news. Contact us to find out more by sending an e-mail to

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Did You Miss My STP Radio Interview?

Did you miss my talk with Mark Tomlinson on STP Radio? Catch it here.  

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"Teacher, Teacher Bugs Ate My Deadline," and Other Defect Management Disasters: Two Points of View at Two with Michael Mah

In the latest Two Points of View at Two session, Rex is happy to welcome Michael Mah.  As managing partner of QSM Associates for over 20 years, Michael and his colleagues have assembled one of the largest worldwide databases containing software quality and productivity trends from over 10,000 completed projects. Michael and Rex will discuss defects, or bugs - and how in today’s competitive market, they can either make or break your company. We’ll discuss real world case studies and key findings from real world benchmarking and diagnostic engagements on what separates the leaders from has-beens. Michael and Rex have over 60 years of collective experience dealing with defects and their consequences, so they will discuss these important topics, and take your questions.
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Get Certified at STPCon and Save 10%!

We're delivering our CTFL Test Engineering Foundation course at STPCon in Burlingame, CA, in just two weeks . Learn more here:

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Rex Black Talks with Mark Tomlinson on STP Radio

Give a listen to Rex's talk with Mark Tomlinson on STP Radio. They cover the history of RBCS, the future of software testing and how AI/ML figures into it, and how to stay relevant and up-to-date as a consultant. (Hint: It's not by leaving the field for eight years.)
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Don't Be a Chicken Little Tester

I've long said that, as testers, we should avoid finding large numbers of trivial bugs while missing the important ones, as that feeds the negative management perception of testers as a bunch of nitpicky, beside-the-point, cost-centers. However, as part of a post-project assessment, I've recently seen something even worse, which was finding a large number of bugs of low to medium severity and yet reporting them as high severity bugs. In some cases, they weren't even bugs, they were requests for changes or just plain failure to recognize correct behavior.  False positives and severity inflation are real problems, very quick ways to destroy your credibility as a tester or as a test group. 

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