Do Your Homework!

Contrary to the management cliche, there is such a thing as a dumb question. Any question that a person asks in a meeting, which is answered in background material provided before the meeting, is not only a dumb question, it is a rude question. You are effectively wasting everyone else's time by forcing them to watch as one person explains to you things you should have known from the background material. So, put in the time to do your homework before coming to meetings, so you can contribute, not distract.

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RBCS Classic: Introducing the ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation

In honor of the release of my Agile Testing Foundations book last month, take a listen to these recorded webinar from three years ago (part 1 and part 2). At that time, ISTQB had just introduced the Agile Tester Foundation syllabus and RBCS had just introduced our Agile Tester Foundation exam. We've made a lot of progress since then.  Three years on, the ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation syllabus is the most successful new syllabus ever.  The Agile Testing Foundations book is the first book 100% aligned with the syllabus. And, our RBCS Agile Tester Foundation course is a great resource for those who want the ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation certification. This course is available in live, e-learning, and virtual formats. Need help getting this certification? Contact us

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Decision Tables Versus Pairwise: How Do You Choose?

Decision tables and pairwise techniques are fundamental test design techniques. Both cover testing multiple options or conditions, but there's an important difference between them. Use the wrong one, and you'll miss important bugs. Do you know how to choose? You would if you had attended an RBCS test design course! Check out my video on the question. If you're at SOFTEC, come to my pairwise tutorial on Thursday to learn the answer. If you're not at SOFTEC, head to the RBCS YouTube channel and listen to my recorded webinar, Myths of Pairwise Testing. #softwaretesting

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Count the Ducks

Most test efforts that go over budget and beyond schedule were pecked to death by ducks. In other words, it’s usually not one big problem or catastrophic event that results in the budget-busting delay, but rather a series of small incidents like test environment problems and late test releases. The smart test manager knows how to count the ducks. #softwaretesting

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Certification Training at STPcon in DC

Are you looking for ISTQB certification? In today’s competitive job market, it often helps if you have a certification on your resume. For some companies, contract requirements dictate that team members be certified in order to work on a particular contract. Other companies use certifications to make sure team members are able to communicate and work together with a standard set of terms and commonality of processes. You may have determined that a certification will help your chances for promotion. Whatever your reason, you can get your certification needs handled at STPcon. Check out the video here.

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Stupid Metrics Tricks: Live from Heisenbug 2016 in Moscow

If you have been in software engineering for a while—or in fact just in the working world in general for a while—you’ve probably seen someone do something stupid with metrics. Such mistakes raise a whole bunch of interesting questions. What are the most common metrics mistakes? Why are they mistakes? Why do people make these mistakes? Are you making these mistakes? Why use metrics at all, when there are so many mistakes? In this keynote speech from the Heisenbug 2016 conference, I'll explain these mistakes, so you can avoid them.

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How To Test This Technology?

Some crazy social implications here, but give a moment's thought to designing and running tests for this technology. What is your test oracle? What techniques do you use?

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The Year of the Expert Test Manager Goes to Tokyo

Next week, I'll be in Tokyo, working with the Japanese Software Testing Qualifications Board to help them bring ISTQB Expert Test Manager exams to Japan.  When I said, back in January, that 2017 was the Year of the Expert Test Manager, I meant it, and I'm putting my time where my mouth is. It's not too late for you to make 2017 your Year of the Expert Test Manager. Contact us today for advice on how to join this elite group of experts.

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RBCS Advanced Security Tester Course Accredited

Great news for security testers and security professionals.  We now have received final accreditation of our course from the ASTQB.  Following on the excellent results from the first-ever ISTQB Advanced Security Tester course in partnership with imbus in Germany in June. As a reminder, our first delivery of this course achieved an exceptional 100% exam pass rate, as described in this quick video.

Why is this new training course so important? Lately a lot of companies and organizations are making news for all the wrong reasons. Their systems are getting hacked. These hacks can lead cause embarrassment, stock price drops, legal liability, and job losses for the responsible parties. Here at RBCS, we can help you avoid these unpleasant scenarios. Contact us today for more information about our Advanced Security Tester course, and hear more about the course in this quick video.

For folks in Europe, if you missed my inaugural Advanced Security Tester course in June, guess what? Here's another chance, in partnership with imbus. Click here to learn more.

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Another Chance for Advanced Security Tester in Europe

Miss my ISTQB Advanced Security Tester course in Europe in June? Guess what? Here's another chance, in partnership with imbus. Click here to learn more.

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