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Intellectual Property Theft Karma: Down-low Download Can Bring You Down When It Comes Back Around

About a year ago, I became aware of an act of brazen intellectual property theft affecting one of my books.  I lit into the perpetrator and his employer on social media, and I kept it up.  I recently found out that my campaign against this individual has paid off.  While various privacy laws prevented me from finding out exactly how badly this thief’s career had been damaged, I do know that the damage is serious and long-lasting.  
The irony is that, had this person approached me about how I could help him in what he was trying to do, rather than stealing my IP, I would have been happy to work with him. Spreading the word about software testing, how to do it, and the importance of doing it right is something I’ve spent my entire career doing, and it’s something I’m happy to support. But, since he chose to steal from me, he earned himself an enemy, not a friend.
So, if you have any questions about using someone’s book, article, presentation, blog post, or other intellectual property, be smart: ask for permission.  Most authors are very generous, as we don’t write books, post articles, give webinars, etc., out of greed for money. On an hourly basis, you can make more money as a grocery clerk than you do in technical book royalties.  However, some of us authors are very protective of our brain-children, and I’m one of them.  If you chose to steal from people like me, trust me, we make it our mission to make you pay a very high price for that theft, mainly as a way of sending a message to the broader community. As the Chinese proverb says, kill the chicken to scare the monkeys.  Don’t be the next chicken an angry IP owner goes after.
If you are interested in using my IP or RBCS IP as part of your software testing or quality efforts, send us an e-mail.  We can let you know how you can do that, in a legal, ethical way that supports the long-term ecosystem of software testing ideas. 

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Strategies of Software Testing, Not Schools

Here's a metaphorical question for you: Tanks are certain useful to the military, but have you ever heard of a country deciding that it would adopt a "tank-driven warfare" approach to defense? Of course not! Tanks are part of a blended strategy for defense, not a school of thought on warfare.

In software testing, though, a small but vocal group of testers talk about “schools of testing,” but do you have to belong to one? Or can you pick and choose appropriate testing strategies based on your project, organization, and team needs and priorities? In this webinar, Rex demonstrates how the “schools of testing” concept has actually limited our profession. In the place of this failed idea, Rex described a set of powerful testing strategies that can be customized and blended to create an effective, efficient, and fulfilling test approach. As always, Rex took questions after the webinar is over. Listen to the recorded webinar here to learn how to avoid the mental trap of the "schools of testing" idea. Free your mind to all the software testing strategies out there. Need more help adapting these strategies to your particular needs? Contact us.

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RBCS Classic: Agile Risk-based Testing: A How-to Guide

In honor of Labor Day, take some time to look at how to make Agile testing more efficient by making it risk-based testing. Check out this RBCS classic recorded webinar (presentation part 1 and Q&A part 2), viewed by over 2,000 people already, to see how. Yes, testing user stories and acceptance criteria is important, but risk-based testing can help you focus and prioritize your testing efforts. Figure out what to test, how much, and in what order, in a way that minimizes the risk of failure in production. If you need more help getting risk-based testing going, whatever your software lifecycle, contact us

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Practical Techniques and Practical Advice for the Exam, Too

We're proud of our ASTQB-accredited Advanced courses, including the Advanced Test Analyst course we ran last week in Kuala Lumpur. Based on the message exchange shown above, you can see that our attendees like them, too. As Hazlina explains, not only did she and the rest of the 20+ people in the class learn practical testing techniques with hands-on practice, they also gained good practice and tips for the exam. All of them finished early and, as Hazlina said, the practice questions over-prepared them.

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A Major Milestone in Our Webinar Series

If you missed our free webinar on Monday, guess what? You missed RBCS's 101st free webinar! Don't miss next one. Learn more and register here.

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Why Does Software Quality (Still) Suck?

Software quality, for the most part, sucks. It still sucks, seventy-five years since the advent of the programmable computer. Software bugs are a constant fact of life, thanks to the ubiquity of software and the ubiquity of software bugs. Sometimes the bugs costs millions of dollars or kill people. Why is the reaction so muted? Rather than just accept software bugs as unavoidable, let’s ask the obvious question: Given that manufacturing is able to achieve six sigma levels of quality—i.e., only three defective items per million manufactured—why does software quality still suck? In this webinar, part 1 and part 2, Rex will address some of the real barriers to achieving six sigma quality in software, while at the same time holding software engineering as a profession accountable for not doing nearly as much as we can.
Do you want to make your software not suck? That's what we do. Contact us.

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A Crowning Achievement: Great ISTQB Certification Training at a Great Price

Time is running out for the early-bird discount for the STPcon in DC next month. Learn how to collect your discount here. What certifications can you get and why should you bother with certifications, you ask? For the answers, listen to my short video here.

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Come On Baby, Don't Fear the CTAL Exam!

So, that headline isn't quite as catchy as the 70s Blue Oyster Cult tune.  However, it is more relevant to you than the BOC hit, if you are a software testing. Listen to this podcast, which has some good advice from Tom Adams of the ASTQB on why the CTAL certification is so valuable and why you shouldn't fear the exam. So, don't let the CTAL exam scare the hell out of you. Take it on. We can help. Contact us.

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Do Your Homework!

Contrary to the management cliche, there is such a thing as a dumb question. Any question that a person asks in a meeting, which is answered in background material provided before the meeting, is not only a dumb question, it is a rude question. You are effectively wasting everyone else's time by forcing them to watch as one person explains to you things you should have known from the background material. So, put in the time to do your homework before coming to meetings, so you can contribute, not distract.

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RBCS Classic: Introducing the ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation

In honor of the release of my Agile Testing Foundations book last month, take a listen to these recorded webinar from three years ago (part 1 and part 2). At that time, ISTQB had just introduced the Agile Tester Foundation syllabus and RBCS had just introduced our Agile Tester Foundation exam. We've made a lot of progress since then.  Three years on, the ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation syllabus is the most successful new syllabus ever.  The Agile Testing Foundations book is the first book 100% aligned with the syllabus. And, our RBCS Agile Tester Foundation course is a great resource for those who want the ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation certification. This course is available in live, e-learning, and virtual formats. Need help getting this certification? Contact us

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