Strategies of Software Testing, Not Schools

Here's a metaphorical question for you: Tanks are certain useful to the military, but have you ever heard of a country deciding that it would adopt a "tank-driven warfare" approach to defense? Of course not! Tanks are part of a blended strategy for defense, not a school of thought on warfare.

In software testing, though, a small but vocal group of testers talk about “schools of testing,” but do you have to belong to one? Or can you pick and choose appropriate testing strategies based on your project, organization, and team needs and priorities? In this webinar, Rex demonstrates how the “schools of testing” concept has actually limited our profession. In the place of this failed idea, Rex described a set of powerful testing strategies that can be customized and blended to create an effective, efficient, and fulfilling test approach. As always, Rex took questions after the webinar is over. Listen to the recorded webinar here to learn how to avoid the mental trap of the "schools of testing" idea. Free your mind to all the software testing strategies out there. Need more help adapting these strategies to your particular needs? Contact us.

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