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Test Assessments: Optimize Spending and Time

RBCS delivers remote and scalable options for its quality and test assessment services. With software companies searching for higher productivity and effectiveness, they have begun to realize that sometimes they need a coach and sometimes an outside opinion to help them take advantage of their strengths while identifying their weaknesses and putting them on the path to improvement.

Rex Black, RBCS President who manages all onsite assessments, says, "These days, people want to optimize not just their spending, but their time. So, we've decided to offer our assessments remotely."

RBCS has performed assessments, carried out consulting engagements, defined testing metrics, and delivered training to over 200 clients, small, medium, and large, on six continents around the world. Typically assessments are one week to two weeks in length and involve interviews with the entire test team and management and an evaluation of the test environment. The resulting product includes a delivery of a thorough report complete with valuable suggestions and detailed instructions.

Get serious about software quality and software testing in 2020. Start with investing in a closer look at your processes. Make the step to bring your team and your product to next level. Contact us to find out how.

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