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Software Testing Consulting Services

Planning, Testing and Quality Process Consulting Based on Critical Testing Processes Plans, Advice, and Assistance in Improvement

Did you know that, according to the US National Institute for Standards and Technology, the US economy alone loses as much as $60 billion per year due to poor software testing? Software testing industry expert Capers Jones reports that poor testing is one of the four leading causes of schedule and budget overruns and outright cancellation of projects. Poor testing takes many forms, from purely ad hoc, unmeasurable testing to testing by under skilled, unqualified staff to testing that simply fails to meet targets for effectiveness or efficiency--or worse yet has no targets for effectiveness or efficiency.

At RBCS, we offer Pragmatic Software Testing ™ to help you achieve your key objectives. Pragmatic Software Testing is RBCS' exclusive software testing methodology that effectively and efficiently achieves key testing objectives. Our software consultant staff will show you how to find more defects, and more of the most important defects. Our software consultants will show you how to save money on field failures and improve your company's reputation for quality. We will show you how to reduce risk to an appropriate level, and make risk-aware release decisions. We will show you how to deliver measurable, reliable information to key project stakeholders. We will show you how to test in a way that builds confidence, so you can release software and systems with less worry.

RBCS' software consultant services to transform your testing into Pragmatic Software Testing include:

Overall QA/Testing Assessment

Thorough, results-focused evaluation of test process, including planning, test development and execution, defect management, test data and environment management, and overall organizational fit.

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TMMi Assessment

A TMMi-Foundation accredited assessment of an organizations test processes against the Test Maturity Model integration framework, conducted by an accredited lead assessor.

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Test Automation Assessment

A focused, thorough, results-centric evaluation of test automation, including frameworks and tools used,  test development and maintenance, automated test environments and data, integration with CI/CD pipelines where relevant, and evaluation of the ROI against defined automation objectives.

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Security Assessment

An evaluation, leveraging industry best practices such as the NIST standard, of an organization’s software, server, and network security, including social engineering aspects.

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Standards Compliance Assessment

An evaluation of an organization’s compliance with test-related standards such as ISO 29119, test-related elements of broader standards such as ISO 62304 (for safety-critical systems) and FDA CFR 21, and/or quality-related standards such as ISO 25010.

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All jump-starts enable you to introduce a new technique, approach, tool or process in your organization quickly, bypassing common mistakes and pitfalls.

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Defect and Incident Management

Save Money with Defect and Incident Management

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Risk-based Testing

Test Smarter, Not Harder, with Risk-based Testing

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Agile Testing

Is Your Agile Testing Not Feeling Very Agile?

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Shift Left, Yes. And Shift Down, Too.

Learn how to find and remove bugs earlier as well as how to introduce fewer bugs to begin with.

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