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Test Process Assessment

Is Your Test Process Ad Hoc, Optimizing, or Somewhere in Between?

Is your test process a swirling tornado of chaos, buffeted by internal and external events and surprises? Or a well-oiled machine that uses metrics to get better and better all the time? You may have a general idea of which of those two poles you are closer to, but charting a path towards the desirable state of ongoing test process optimization requires more than just a general idea. To get to the right level of test process maturity for your organization, you need to know exactly where you are and you need a plan to get to where you want to be.

RBCS can help you with that. RBCS provides TMMi-recognized test process maturity assessments, both formal and informal. Rex Black, our company President, is a TMMi Foundation accredited assessor. Rex can come to your organization, assess your test process, and tell you where you stand, from ad hoc to managed to defined to measured to optimizing. He will then give you a clear roadmap to move your organization to the desired level of test process maturity, regardless of what level of testing maturity you're currently at.

Put chaotic testing processes behind you and start your move toward more effective and efficient testing. Contact us today to find out more, and to schedule your assessment.

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