Short Engagements Providing Maximum Value for Your Money

In addition to our popular quality and test assessment services, RBCS provides short engagements that deliver quick improvements to your test tools, processes, and people, in a way that delivers a solid return on investment.

RBCS jump starts enable you to:

  • introduce a new technique, approach, tool or process in your organization quickly, bypassing common mistakes and pitfalls.
  • have a test strategy in place that assists you in achieving the right level of quality without jeopardizing the market launch date.
  • develop an effective test automation strategy that actually helps you achieve your business objectives faster, without taking dangerous regression, performance, and reliability risks.
  • deal with schedule and budget constraints in a way that intelligently and transparently manages risk.
  • mitigate the risk of outsource development through careful, pro-active means.
  • increase quality, accelerate delivery, and save money by removing bugs earlier in development.
  • get your test team back on track!

A typical jump-start engagement involves anywhere from one week to two months of on-site services, and generally includes a blend of training, consulting, and hands-on mentoring on a pilot project. The back page includes some jump start examples. Send us an e-mail at info@rbcs-us.com for more information.

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Jump Start Examples

To get a better sense of our jump start services, consider the following examples.

Risk-Based Testing
RBCS helped a large client, Computer Associates, introduce a risk-based testing strategy at offices around the world. They have reported that risk-based has allowed them to “allocate test effort intelligently within constraints, pinpoint potentially serious problems that required remediation early in testing, respond flexibly to reductions in available test time and re­sources, and optimize quality.”  View the case study.

Manual and Automated Testing Strategies
RBCS helped a large supermarket chain, Publix, implement a blended requirements-based and risk-based test strategy, and to structure their test automation approach to handle regression testing of frequent updates to SAP and other back-office software. The test strategy included complete test process documents, a comprehensive set of test deliverable templates, a test training plan, and a test results reporting dashboard. The automation approach included developing an automation architecture, re-use library for common scripts, extensive scripting guidelines, process documents, and a decisioning/return on investment model that allowed smart selection of which tests to automate. RBCS has provided similar help for a number of clients. See a related case study here.

Test Automation Framework
RBCS helped an Internet security firm, Access360 (now part of IBM’s Tivoli business unit), with introducing an extensive test automation facility. RBCS consultants built a functional, compatibility, and regression test automation framework using open-source tools. RBCS consultants introduced effective performance testing facilities, including appropriate environment, and they integrated COTS automation solutions, including Silk and Silk Performer.  

Re-engineering a Test Team
RBCS helped a large, international mobile phone company, T-Mobile, enhance its back-office testing capabilities across the board.  Included in this extensive engagement was an effort to assess the skills for the entire test team, develop a new organizational structure for the test team, and put a training plan in place for the testers. RBCS consultants also helped T-Mobile increase its regression and performance testing capabilities, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its test environments, and introduce risk-based testing. View the case study.

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