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Quality Assessments

Save Money, Reduce Risk, and Boost Return on Investment: Improve your Software Development Capability

The quality and effectiveness of the software development organization makes a key contribution to the level of success of the entire organization. RBCS can evaluate and make recommendations for the best overall software development approach for your organization. This will ensure high quality deliverables, from requirements, design and code reviews to unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing. We also compare financial and project timelines of your current practices against the industry’s best practices.

RBCS offers a ten-day critical quality assessment, based on years of experience helping customers to build better software. RBCS will spend five days on-site working with you and your team to evaluate your software development operation, with an additional five days of analysis and report preparation.

This assessment focuses on twelve critical quality processes to ensure:

  1. your products measure up to industry standards of quality
  2. the way you build software is consistent with your overall operation
  3. what you build is what your users actually need
  4. proper steps are taken to implement the requirements
  5. you can build the right set of features in the right timeframe and within the right budget, with a level of quality that will satisfy users
  6. you have understood each step required to achieve success when you build software
  7. individual programmers work to minimize downstream costs of failure and risks schedule delay
  8. risks associated with complex interactions of disparate modules are minimized in the cheapest, most schedule-efficient fashion
  9. what you build and what you deliver are the same thing
  10. repair of bugs that need to be fixed before release, with the minimal cost
  11. the project team and senior management have a clear view of the status of the product and can guide the way to project success
  12. the team effectively and efficiently collaborates to fine-tune and course-correct the project during its critical last few days.

The assessment will show quantitative and qualitative measures of your performance, both absolute and in comparison to industry averages and best practices, plus opportunities for improvement in each of these twelve processes. RBCS will identify challenges to your success, and help you lay out a roadmap to improvement.

What Makes an RBCS Quality Assessment Unique?

RBCS quality assessments outperform other quality assessment or maturity measurements for two reasons:

  1. Fact-focused.  In an RBCS quality assessment, we employ interviews and a complete set of metrics to evaluate your process effectiveness and efficiency, while most other assessments and maturity measures rely primarily on subjective interviews to check whether certain practices are carried out.
  2. Business-case driven.  In an RBCS quality assessment, recommendations are based on proven metrics and a demonstrable business case, while most other assessments and maturity measures base their recommendations on the order in which processes appear in their pre-determined maturity models.

In short, we deliver fact-focused findings and recommendations with measurable return on investment.

What Do You Get?

You will receive:

  • a detailed report of the findings of the quality assessment
  • a thorough analysis of the key process indicators including benchmarking your software development methodology against industry averages and best practices
  • our recommendations and a road map for improvement
  • a one-hour summary presentation of the findings suitable for presentation to executive management and/or directors.

RBCS has performed assessments and provided consulting services to over 100 customers small, medium, and large on five continents around the world. Our breadth of experience gives us unique insights into what doesn’t work, what does work, and what works better.

All our assessment consultants are highly experienced software practitioners with an average of 15+ years in the field, quality-related certifications, and extensive background providing consulting advice and expertise to clients.

We can provide references and samples of work to help clients choose RBCS as their quality assessment provider.

Want to know more about the benefits of an RBCS quality assessment for your organization?

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