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Defect and Incident Management

Save Money with Defect and Incident Management

Does your organization spend a small fortune on IT?  Do you know how much of that is wasted?

In a study for one client, we found that they were losing 10 to 20 percent of their internal software development and acquisition budget due to avoidable defect management problems.  In a recent study for another client, we found $20 million dollars in waste due to inefficiencies in the way they handle software and system incidents in production, and that $20 million didn't even count the cost of employee downtime due to software and system failures. 

RBCS can help you locate and reduce these kinds of inefficiencies.  We have helped dozens of companies save millions by improving their defect and incident management.  We won't just identify the waste, we'll help you prioritize it using Pareto analysis and then devise practical, fast-acting plans to attack the vital few defect and incident management problems that are costing your organization time, effort, and money, and distracting your employees from doing what they should do, deliver for your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how a quick, reasonably-priced assessment can easily save you ten times or more of what it costs.

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