Security Assessments: Don't Make the News for the Wrong Reasons

Don't Make the News for the Wrong Reasons

You probably remember the steady drip of stories from 2017, about how some company got hacked and it cost them a lot of money?  Failure to patch a web server cost Equifax $500,000,000 and counting. Network security problems exposed Uber to a hack that netted personal data from 57,000,000 customers and drivers, with ongoing PR and legal woes to the company still resulting from that breach.  From the code you write to the web sites you maintain to the servers you use to the security protections you have in place, the odds are pretty good that you are exposed, too.

You want to keep your company out of such a dreary hall of shame, right? Well, in just a few weeks, we can help you sleep easier. Our on-site security assessment, aligned with the ISTQB's identified application, system, and network security best practices, will evaluate your security posture and identify vulnerabilities. We'll give you a detailed report, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with prioritized recommendations, positioning you to keep your company out of the news. Contact us to find out more.

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