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Test Assessments

Planning, Testing and Quality Process Consulting Based on Critical Testing Processes Plans, Advice, and Assistance in Improvement

Save Money, Reduce Risk, and Boost Return on Investment
Improve your Critical Test Processes

Users, customers, and stakeholders want systems that provide the needed functionality, that are delivered on time and for a reasonable price. They also want quality systems that work correctly, reliably, securely, and quickly. We know that to deliver quality systems, solid testing by skilled professionals is required. Yet, a study by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology estimated that software development organizations lose over ten billion dollars a year through inadequate testing.

RBCS offers an independent ten-day critical test process assessment, based on Rex Black’s book, Critical Testing Processes. RBCS will spend five days on-site working with you and your team to evaluate your test operation, with an additional five days of analysis and report preparation.

The test assessment focuses on twelve critical test processes to ensure:

  1. all critical testing processes are in sync with each other and with the development process
  2. testing provides valuable information and services to the project team
  3. testing helps mitigate the most important risks
  4. testing fits within budget and schedule constraints
  5. testing proceeds smoothly and predictably
  6. the right testing people, with the right skills, are in place
  7. the right test cases, tools, data, and systems are in place
  8. testers test what developers develop
  9. effective and efficient test cycles
  10. defects identified by testing are prioritized and fixed properly
  11. testing delivers useful, credible, timely information to the project team
  12. testing responds appropriate to project changes.

For each process, RBCS will help you measure how well you are doing. RBCS will identify challenges to your success, and help you lay out a roadmap to improvement. You will receive a complete evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing processes, using key process indicators developed through years of independent consulting experience.

Testing provides information and services to a system development or maintenance project. Therefore, throughout the assessment, RBCS will help you focus on making sure that each test activity fits into the overall development methodology, as well as the corresponding critical development processes.

What Makes an RBCS Test Assessment Unique?

RBCS test assessments outperform other test assessment or maturity measurements for two reasons:

  1. Fact-focused.  In an RBCS test assessment, we employ interviews and a complete set of metrics to evaluate your process effectiveness and efficiency, while most other assessments and maturity measures rely primarily on subjective interviews to check whether certain practices are carried out.
  2. Business-case driven.  In an RBCS test assessment, recommendations are based on proven metrics and a demonstrable business case, while most other assessments and maturity measures base their recommendations on the order in which processes appear in their pre-determined maturity models.

In short, we deliver fact-focused findings and recommendations with measurable return on investment.

A Return on Your Investment of As Much As 800% or More

Typical customers for this service include people working as CIO’s, directors or department heads in IT, R&D, engineering, or quality roles. For customers at this level, we can target strategic opportunities to improve your testing operations or to prepare for process improvement efforts like ISO or CMMi. Other customers include people working as managers of test, development, or project teams. For customers at this level, we can help during the planning phase to lay the groundwork for an excellent test effort, or during the execution phase to fine-tune or even turn around a project. All customers receive:

  • a detailed report of the findings of the test assessment
  • a thorough analysis of the key process indicators including benchmarking your test process against industry averages
  • our recommendations and a road map for improvement
  • a one-hour summary presentation of the findings suitable for presentation to executive management and/or directors.

Software industry expert Capers Jones has identified poor testing as one of the four leading causes of project overruns and cancellation. Do not let your company lose thousands or millions of dollars, or risk project failure. Applying these twelve critical test processes for clients such as ASB Bank, Dell, Sony Computer Entertainment, and T-Mobile, RBCS has helped them achieve returns on their test investment of as much as 800% or more. Boost your test return on investment, control costs, and reduce the risk of project failure with a critical test process assessment.

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