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Risk-based Testing

Test Smarter, Not Harder, with Risk-based Testing

In any real-world project, there are an infinite number of tests you can run, but you don't have forever. This is especially true in Agile, Kanban, CI/CD, and Continuous Deployment projects. How do you decide what to focus on? Risk-based testing, a technique we at RBCS have been perfecting since 1995, is the answer. Risk-based testing allows you answer key testing questions:

  • What test conditions should I cover?
  • How much effort should I spend on each test condition?
  • Which test conditions do I cover first, and which can wait until the end?

In just one week of focused consulting on an actual project, we can show you how to incorporate risk-based testing, using our proven risk-based testing jumpstart technique. Across all types of lifecycles, for over 20 years, we've lead the testing world in defining and applying best practices in risk-based testing.

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