A Case Study in Successful Risk-Based Testing at CA

By Rex Black, Peter Nash and Ken Young

This article presents a case study of a risk-based testing pilot project at CA, the world's leading independent IT management software company. The development team chosen for this pilot is responsible for a widely-used mainframe software product called CA SYSVIEWR Performance Management, an intuitive tool for proactive management and real-time monitoring of z/OS environments.  By analyzing a vast array of performance metrics, CA SYSVIEW can help organizations identify and resolve problems quickly.

CA piloted risk-based testing as part of our larger effort to ensure the quality of the solutions we deliver.  The pilot consisted of six main activities:

  • Training key stakeholders on risk-based testing
  • Holding a quality risk analysis session
  • Analyzing and refining the quality risk analysis
  • Aligning the testing with the quality risks
  • Guiding the testing based on risks
  • Assessing benefits and lessons

This article addresses each of these areas - as well as some of the broader issues associated with risk-based testing.  Click here to read the version of this software testing article as published in Better Software Testing.

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Categories: Management, Risk Based, Quality Risk Analysis

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