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Effective Test Status Reporting

By Rex Black

Most software test teams exist to assess the software’s readiness prior to release. To achieve this goal, two primary tactics are used:

  1. Execute test cases or scenarios that are likely to find errors, resemble actual usage, or both.
  2. Report the test results, the defects found, and defects fixed, which, collectively, make up the test status and reflect the quality of the software.

For the test manager, the first task category primarily involves managing inward: assembling the test team and test resources, designing a solid test system, implementing the test system, and running the tests in an intelligent, logical fashion. The second area of responsibility involves upward and outward management. Upward management includes how you communicate with your managers, other senior managers, and executive staff. Outward management includes communication with management peers in development, configuration/release management, sales, marketing, finance, operations, technical support, and so on. As a test manager, your effectiveness in reporting test status has a lot to do with both your real and perceived effectiveness in your position. To put it another way, your management superiors and peers measure your managerial competence as much by how well you report your results as by how you obtain your results. 

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