Metrics for Software Testing: Managing with Facts, Part 1: The How and Why of Metrics

By Rex Black

At RBCS, a growing part of our consulting business is helping clients with metrics programs. We’re always happy to help with such engagements, and I usually try to do the work personally, because I find it so rewarding. What’s so great about metrics? Well, when you use metrics to track, control, and manage your testing and quality efforts, you can be confident that you are managing with facts and reality, not opinions and guesswork.

When clients want to get started with metrics, they often have questions. How can we use metrics to manage testing? What metrics can we use to measure the test process?  What metrics can we use to measure our progress in testing a project? What do metrics tell us about the quality of the product? We work with clients to answer these questions all the time. In this article, and the next three articles in this series, I’ll show you some of the answers.

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