Free Webinar: Discussions Testers Should No Longer Be Having - Two Points of View at Two with with Rex Black and Mike Lyles

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How many times have you heard statements like, “How did we miss this in test”, “This defect doesn’t happen on my machine”, “We do not need automation”, or “We are waiting on testing to give us the green light”? Far too often, teams are spending a lot of time diving into discussions that they no longer need to have. This builds frustration, affects team alignment, and can potentially impact the quality and milestones of the project. Through the years, we have seen a need for processes, tools, and old-school approaches to change. Discussions we needed to have years ago are no longer the same now.  There is a need for strategic changes in how we operate within a project and how we communicate across teams.

With over 25 years of experience in IT, Mike Lyles has held various roles: from developer, project management office, development management, and ultimately testing. He has witnessed the paradigm shift required to measure success on teams and the speed at which we must reach goals as compared to the past. And most importantly, he has taken part in discussions which are losing their relevancy and need a major overhaul in our workforce today.

Join the discussion, between Rex and Mike, as they discuss many of the well-known phrases, philosophies, and theories around testing of years past, and how that we must overcome the obstacles to be successful today.

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