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Free Webinar: How to Adopt a Test-Driven Development Mindset - Two Points of View at Two with Rex Black and Gio Lodi

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In this month’s “Two Points of View at Two” session, Rex welcomes Gio Lodi to discuss how to adopt a Test-Driven Development mindset followed by a Q&A opportunity. We changed the start time of this month’s webinar to 5:00 PM Central in order to allow for this multi-continent session. After all, it’s 2 o’clock somewhere!

Test-Driven Development (TDD), is a software development technique that flips the testing process on its head: rather than testing after the product is done, developers build tests first and use the failure as a guide to write the necessary code. TDD's immediate benefit is that it gives better test coverage, but there are more beneficial second order effects that come when applying it consistently. Moving in this step-by-step, feedback driven process improves the team productivity and results in a malleable software design. In this presentation, we'll look at how to bring this mindset that focuses on iteration and feedback in all the areas of software and product development.

Gio Lodi is the author of Test-Driven Development in Swift. He's been exploring testing and automation since 2011, when he encountered TDD while working on a startup with his University housemates. Gio publishes his findings in his blog and with presentations such as this one. He lives in an Australian beach town with his wife and two little children, and works remotely as mobile infrastructure engineer at Automattic, where he helps teams working on apps such as WordPress ship quality code on a schedule.

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