Free Webinar: Test Automation and Metrics: Two Points of View at Two with Rex Black and Jamie Mitchell

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“What Gets Measured Gets Managed.” Jamie Mitchell explains, “I have heard this since the first day I got into software. Management wants metrics. The managers would tell us that it allowed them to maximize our effort and the organizational profits.  The more cynical of us always said that it was to make sure we were not sitting around drinking coffee instead of working.” 

Not everything that matters can be measured. Not everything that we can measure matters. And this applies to software test automation more than in most software endeavors.

As an automator of almost 30 years, Jamie has struggled with the demand for metrics from management for most of his career. Most of the metrics that he has been forced to collect were—in his humble opinion—not only worthless, but also misleading and subject to manipulation by those who wanted to prove their point (no matter what that point was.)

Join the discussion, between Rex and Jamie, as they cover various kinds of metrics that have been suggested for automation.

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