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Uses and Misuses of Common Testing Metrics: Two Points of View at Two with Rex Black and Dawn Haynes

Length: 0h 43m 8s
Download (28 B)


Test case metrics. Defect metrics. Requirements coverage metrics. Code coverage metrics. Metrics, metrics, metrics: yep, we got metrics in software testing, but do we use them properly? 

Following up on his popular keynote and webinar, “Stupid Metrics Tricks and How to Avoid Them,” testing metrics advocate Rex Black decided to have a discussion about how we use and, all too often, misuse metrics in software with fellow testing professional Dawn Haynes, a testing metrics skeptic. There are sure to be some interesting disagreements as well as some unexpected agreements. 

Join Dawn and Rex for a lively back-and-forth on the topic of metrics, followed by a Q&A opportunity.

Free Webinar: Evolution Over Revolution – How to Transform Your Testing with Julie Gardiner

Length: 0h 56m 52s
Download (37.8 MB)


You may have heard the saying “The only constant on any project is change.” Yet the prospect of change is rarely welcomed—either personally or professionally. How is it that we still believe that these changes apply to others but not to us? Julie Gardiner says that now is the time to re-evaluate and transform how we test in order to deliver more value to organizations—from a people, processes, and tools perspective. She examines, how we’ve gotten to this stage in terms of our role and what skills are vital for us to be prepared for the next stage.

One Key Idea: Measuring the Value of Testing Using Cost of Quality

Length: 0h 34m 5s
Download (23.6 MB)


You know that testing and quality is important, right? Okay, prove it. Exactly how much money do you think testing saves? Yes, that’s right saves. Testing is often thought of as a regrettable cost center, something that must be funded to avoid some dimly-understood “bad stuff that could happen.” In fact, software testing and other quality assurance activities save money. Typically, every dollar spent on testing saves eight dollars in the long run. In this One Key Idea session, Rex will demonstrate the use of cost of quality, a technique known for over 50 years, using a real world case study and a spreadsheet you can download and use that same day. Testers, know your value!

Free Webinar: Quality and AI-based Systems

Length: 0h 27m 15s
Download (17.6 MB)


In this month’s webinar, we are happy to welcome guest speaker, Adam Leon Smith. Adam is CTO of Dragonfly and is focused on testing, quality and AI. With two decades experience in environments, development, testing, quality and project delivery in addition to commercial experience, he is the chair of the British Computer Society's Special Interest Group in software testing, and works with international standardization committees developing AI and quality-related standards.

AI is a complex topic and is the biggest technical renaissance to impact testing for at least two decades.  Adam will talk about intrinsic quality issues with AI, challenges in testing AI-based systems, and new techniques and methods.  In addition, he will cover emerging AI-enhanced testing tools that are yet to get much coverage.

Testing in the Dark with Rob Sabourin

Length: 0h 59m 40s
Download (43 B)


Isn’t it amazing? Stakeholders drop software on our desk and expect us to test it with no requirements, no design and no product knowledge whatsoever. About the only clear thing is the absurd and unrealistic deadline. We are expected to bend over backward, spread magic pixie dust and heroically test quality into a product we never heard of before.

But testing in the dark is not impossible – and as Rob Sabourin shows it can even be a very valuable and fun experience.

Learn strategies to emerge from a murky fog into clear meaningful quality insights. Leverage unlikely sources about what stakeholder’s care about and what users really need the software to do.

Join Rob’s quest to find important bugs fast, let “testing in the dark” illuminate you!

Free Webinar: White-Box Coverage and Automotive Testing

Length: 0h 58m 38s
Download (39 B)


Automobiles can have millions of lines of code in them, and some of that code can have safety-critical implications. Various standards apply to safety-critical automotive code, dictating the level of code coverage required: statement, decision (or branch), or modified condition/decision coverage. To celebrate the launch of our new Automotive Software Testing course, we’re offering this free webinar. If you build or test automotive software, attend to get a taste of what you could learn in this course.

In this free RBCS webinar, join Rex Black, President of RBCS, as he describes in detail what each of these levels of coverage means, how you can achieve it, and how to understand what code coverage tools are telling you.

Selenium Testing: Two Points of View at Two: Short High Impact Talks about Testing with Rex Black and José Mata

Length: 0h 41m 43s
Download (28.3 MB)


In this month’s “Two Points of View at Two” session, Rex is happy to welcome José Mata. José has worked over 20 years as a Software Quality Assurance consultant and manager, working in Austin, San Francisco, New York, and Paris.  As a member of the American Software Testing Qualification Board (ASTQB) Technical Advisory Group, José wrote questions for the Foundation Level qualification exams. He is currently a Senior Software Test Engineer with NarrativeDx, an Internet startup in Austin Texas, providing AI-driven analyses of healthcare data. 

In this session, José and Rex will discuss moving Selenium automated testing from concept to implementation and overcoming basic “gotchas” in bootstrapping Selenium testing.

One Key Idea: Pairwise Testing Using ACTS

Length: 0h 38m 7s
Download (24.8 MB)


If you’ve been testing for any length of time, you know that the number of possible test cases is enormous if you try to test all possible combinations of inputs, configuration values, types of data, and so forth. It’s like the mythical monster, the many-headed Hydra, which would sprout two or more new heads for each head that was cut off. Two simple approaches to dealing with combinatorial explosions such as this are equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis, but those techniques don’t check for interactions between factors. A reasonable, manageable way to test combinations is called pairwise testing, but to do it you’ll need a tool.  In this One Key Idea session, Rex will demonstrate the use of a free tool, ACTS, built by the US NIST and available for download worldwide. We can’t promise to turn you into Hercules, but you will definitely walk away able to slay the combinatorial Hydra.

How TMMi Can Move Your Testing Forward: Joint Presentation between RBCS and BI with Rex Black and Gary Rueda Sandoval

Length: 0h 42m 12s
Download (26.7 MB)


Join Rex and Gary for a joint  presentation on how TMMi can improve your testing and accelerate your business performance since testing is a key contributor to higher profits, customer satisfaction, personnel motivation and a bigger market share.

Two Points of View at Two: Short High-impact Talks about Testing with Yalonda Haywood

Length: 0h 38m 8s
Download (27 B)


In this month’s “Two Points of View at Two” session, Rex is happy to welcome Yalonda Haywood. Yalonda Haywood is a person of intention. As a professional speaker, trainer, and rebound coach, Yalonda helps companies and individuals recover in value, amount, and strength after any decrease or decline. The passion to see other’s reach their next level has been the driving force behind Yalonda’s career. Over the past 20 years, her journey has and continues to include speaking, training, coaching, people leadership and building high performing teams in the quality assurance space within information technology. 

In this session, Yalonda and Rex will discuss the key to building stronger IT departments including  possible tension between quality assurance and development and operations teams, keys to creating a different culture that is not dependent on industry, practical steps organizations can take to make the culture shift and more.

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