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“Teacher, Teacher, Bugs Ate My Deadline,” and Other Defect Management Disasters

Length: 0h 30m 41s
Download (34.3 MB)


Two Points of View at Two: Short High-impact Talks about Testing,  with Michael Mah

In this session, Rex is happy to welcome Michael Mah.  As managing partner of QSM Associates for over 20 years, Michael and his colleagues have assembled one of the largest worldwide databases containing software quality and productivity trends from over 10,000 completed projects. Michael and Rex will discuss defects, or bugs - and how in today’s competitive market, they can either make or break your company. We’ll discuss real world case studies and key findings from real world benchmarking and diagnostic engagements on what separates the leaders from has-beens. Michael and Rex have over 60 years of collective experience dealing with defects and their consequences, so they will discuss these important topics, and take your questions.

Rex Black Talks with Mark Tomlinson on STP Radio

Length: 0h 37m 6s
Download (61.8 MB)


Give a listen to Rex's talk with Mark Tomlinson on STP Radio. They cover the history of RBCS, the future of software testing and how AI/ML figures into it, and how to stay relevant and up-to-date as a consultant. (Hint: It's not by leaving the field for eight years.)

One Key Idea: Selenium Test Automation

Length: 0h 26m 17s
Download (29.4 MB)


Selenium has become a very important test automation tool.  Now, the Alliance for Quality (A4Q) has brought out a highly practical, extensively hands-on training and certification, the Selenium Tester Foundation.  In this One Key Idea session, Rex Black, Project Manager for the A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation development project, is here to help you understand this certification and how it can launch you—or boost you along the way—on your career path to becoming a Selenium test automation expert.  In twenty minutes or less, you’ll understand how the A4Q Selenium Test Foundation training and certification can help you progress towards your professional test automation goals.

Enterprise Challenges of Test Data Management

Length: 1h 3m 33s
Download (71 MB)


If you are testing a simple mobile app, you may find it relatively easy to find representative test data. However, what if you are testing enterprise scale applications? In the enterprise data center, one hundred or more applications of various sizes, complexity, and criticality co-exist, operating on various data repositories, in some cases shared data repositories. In some cases, disparate data repositories hold related data, and the ability to test integration across applications that access these data sets is critical.  In this webinar, Rex Black will talk about the challenges facing his clients as they deal with these testing problems. You’ll go away with a better understanding of the nature of the challenges, as well as ideas on how to handle them, grounded in lessons Rex has learned in over 30 years of software engineering and testing.

One Key Idea: Audition Interviews for Testers

Length: 0h 27m 3s
Download (30.2 MB)


If you are a hiring manager, you might already know that a bad hiring decision is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. One easy mistake to make is hiring someone who tells a convincing story about their abilities, but can’t actually do the work.  How can you separate the glib talker from the accomplished doer?  Well, in this One Key Idea session, Rex will explain how to use audition interviews, illustrating the concept with case studies.  In twenty minutes or less, you’ll gain a powerful tool for making smarter hiring decisions.

Two Case Studies in Non-GUI Test Automation

Length: 0h 56m 31s
Download (63.2 MB)


All too often, people believe that they have to run all their system tests through the GUI, and that includes automated tests.  However, it is possible to run automated system tests through a variety of interfaces, such as command lines, APIs, data layers, network services, and more. In this webinar, Rex will give two such examples of sophisticated automated system test platforms capable of quickly running thousands of tests with very low false positive rates, flaky test rates, and test maintenance rates. One tested a data layer interface, the other a network services interface.  Each used a flexible and maintainable keyword driven architecture.  Come ready to open your mind to new ways of automating system testing, and leave with ideas you can apply to automating your tests away from the GUI.

One Key Idea: Understanding the ISTQB Career Path

Length: 0h 31m 57s
Download (35.7 MB)


The ISTQB provides extensive support for the test professional’s career path. There are so many options, in fact, that some people get confused and have questions.  Well, in this One Key Idea session, Rex is here to make the career path clear and answer your questions.  In twenty minutes or less, you’ll understand how the ISTQB career path can support your progress throughout your professional testing life.

Two Points of View at Two: Short High Impact Talks about Testing, with Nivia Henry

Length: 0h 30m 54s
Download (34.5 MB)


In this month’s “Two Points of View at Two” session, Rex is happy to welcome Nivia S. Henry. Nivia fundamentally believes that happy people, working in a healthy environment, will do great things. This philosophy has driven her to build a 15+ year career creating and supporting high-performing teams. Her career path has included agile coaching, enterprise agile transformations, product management, and people leadership. Today, Nivia applies her hard-earned experience as an Quality and Web Engineering Manager at Spotify. In this session, she'll discuss Spotify's perspective on Quality and focus on how the organization has organically grown its test automation practice.

Advanced Software Testing: Test Policies, Strategies, and Plans

Length: 1h 14m 56s
Download (83.8 MB)


What should testing accomplish and how do we recognize success?  How should we approach testing? What specific activities need to be planned for each release, each project, each iteration?  What risks can affect testing, and how can we manage those risks?  How does lifecycle affect these documents? These are critical questions for testers and test managers, yet often they go unanswered or have answers that aren’t fully thought through.  In this webinar, based on years of experience helping testers and test teams optimize their testing processes, Rex will discuss test policies, strategies and plans.  Join this webinar, illustrated with examples throughout, to learn concepts and ideas that you can apply to your testing processes right away.

One Key Idea: The ISTQB Foundation 2018 Syllabus

Length: 0h 21m 58s
Download (24.4 MB)


As a bonus to our June complimentary webinar, this month we shared with you an interview with Rex about the newly released ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level  2018 Syllabus. Listen to the session and you will learn why the changes were made, what was the process for making the changes and, finally, what are the changes!

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