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Webinar: The Psychopolitics of Test Management 1/11/17

Length: 1h 21m 33s
Download (97 B)


While much of testing and test management involves rational decision-making, measuring quality and providing testing services to the team, there are realms of the test manager’s job where psychology meets politics to form psychopolitics.   In this webinar, drawn from three decades of industry experience and materials in his best-selling book Managing the Testing Process, 3rd edition, Rex will discuss how psychology and politics can collide to make the test manager’s job…interesting. Join in the discussion after the initial presentation with your own questions and stories about testing psychology, testing politics, and plain ol’ psycho-politics!

Webinar - Agile Testing in the Real World (Update)

Length: 0h 41m 37s
Download (96.1 MB)


A majority of software development organizations have adopted Agile methods, but testing in Agile projects remains a major challenge. However, some of these organizations have found practical ways to integrating testing into Agile lifecycles.  In this webinar, Rex will address challenges and opportunities associated with Agile, different ways of adapting Agile lifecycles and the testing within those lifecycles, and how Agile differs from traditional lifecycles.  We’ll examine tools and metrics for Agile projects.  We’ll address whether Agile can be used for outsourced projects.  We’ll look at different options for organizing test teams on Agile projects, and why only some of these options can work.  Rex will offer his thoughts on Agile and quality, and what skills and personalities work best in Agile projects. In this updated free webinar, Rex will discuss these points and more, giving you a better shot at Agile testing success.

Webinar: Can Your Mobile Device Save Your Life? 11/10/16

Length: 1h 20m 51s
Download (97 B)


At first, mobile phones were limited, clunky, dumb luxuries. Now, almost half of the world’s population carries in their pockets or purses more computing power than was involved in the Apollo program that landed men on the moon—and safely brought every one of them home. But a smart phone is not just a computer. What are the implications of always carrying a computer that is also a two-way radio and a GPS location device? Does it make you safer, or put you at risk? How is the ubiquity of mobile technologies changing the world? What are the intersections between mobile technologies, crime, fraud, privacy, security, and encryption? What are the testing and quality implications of this modern, mobile world? Join Rex for some thoughts, case studies, and suggestions about the exciting and sometimes scary world mobile technologies are bringing to us.

Webinar: Two Bug Metrics, Millions in Process Improvement

Length: 1h 20m 50s
Download (90.4 MB)


When we do assessments, we always try to look at process metrics. In most cases, we can find millions of dollars in process improvement opportunities. In this webinar, Rex will show you how two very simple bug metrics, calculated using only two simple facts for each bug report using simple, free spreadsheets you can get from our website, can reveal millions and millions of dollars in potential process improvements. All the more reason to track those bugs! To paraphrase Timothy Leary: Tune in, download, and drop software co

Webinar: Verification and Validation: What’s the Difference and Why Both Matter

Length: 1h 18m 45s
Download (94 B)


Some people use the terms “verification” and “validation” interchangeably, but there are significant differences between them. Some people disparage verification, or deny that it’s even involved in testing. However, you can’t adequately build confidence and reduce risk in the software you test without using the proper mix of both. In this webinar, Rex will clarify the meaning of these two terms, give examples, and explain why both are essential to proper software testing.

Webinar: The Seven Deadly Sins of Testing

Length: 1h 5m 46s
Download (79 B)


Many smart, otherwise-capable testers sabotage their own careers by committing one or more of the seven deadly sins of testing.  Are you your own worst enemy?  Come join us to discuss these seven deadly sins with Rex.  You might recognize your own behaviors, or behaviors of others on your test team.  In this updated webinar presentation, Rex gives examples of these behaviors through case studies, and tells you how to stop the behaviors and solve the problems those behaviors have created.  For sinners and non-sinners alike, Rex offers ideas on how to become a testing saint.  

Webinar: Mobile Apps: Testing on the Small Screen

Length: 1h 15m 0s
Download (90 B)


Mobile apps have more users than PC apps, and people spend more time on mobile apps than on PC apps. Mobile apps have been around since the 1990s, but the real explosion in mobile apps has occurred in the last ten years. And, while time-wasters and entertainment apps abound, mission-critical and safety-critical apps exist, and so quality matters. What do we need to know about testing mobile apps? It’s more than just a smaller screen, right? In this webinar, Rex will describe the key things that mobile application testers must consider. Join us for a quick introduction to the art and science of mobile app testing.

Webinar: The Scourge of the Under-tested Automatic Software Update

Length: 1h 30m 0s
Download (107 B)


Let’s suppose you bought a car. Six days later, someone from the dealership let himself into your garage, removed the tires on the car, installed some “updated” tires that actually had holes in them, and then left. In the morning, your car was there in the garage, all sad and undriveable on its flat, flabby tires. That’s clearly unacceptable, in fact even criminal, but we allow the same thing to happen all the time with software. Why? In this webinar, Rex will catalog infamous automated software updates, released without sufficient testing to wreak havoc, or at least inconvenience. He’ll then give a detailed roadmap for reducing your chances of being part of the problem.

Why Does Software Quality (Still) Suck

Length: 1h 49m 0s
Download (122.7 MB)


Software quality, for the most part, sucks. It still sucks, seventy-five years since the advent of the programmable computer. Software bugs are a constant fact of life, thanks to the ubiquity of software and the ubiquity of software bugs. Sometimes the bugs costs millions of dollars or kill people. Why is the reaction so muted? Rather than just accept software bugs as unavoidable, let’s ask the obvious question: Given that manufacturing is able to achieve six sigma levels of quality—i.e., only three defective items per million manufactured—why does software quality still suck? In this webinar, Rex will address some of the real barriers to achieving six sigma quality in software, while at the same time holding software engineering as a profession accountable for not doing nearly as much as we can.

TDD Exposed 3/30/16

Length: 1h 22m 59s
Download (92.5 MB)


In software engineering, there have been many controversies, fads, and techniques recently. One that has created a lot of noise—but perhaps a lot less signal—has been test-driven development. Does this mean that the testers tell the developers what to do? Hardly. Is it even testing? Kind of, sort of, but it’s not testing as we know it, Jim. Who does TDD? Isn’t it the same as ATDD? Does it have a place outside of Agile development? In this webinar, Rex will expose what every tester needs to know about test-driven development, including giving a small, simple example of how it’s done. Come confused; leave enlightened.

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