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Software Testing: From Feared Enforcer to Trusted Partner 6/18/12

Length: 1h 28m 34s
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Some testing teams see themselves as quality cops or process cops, there to enforce entry criteria, methodology standards, work product delivery dates, and other policies on developers, business analysts, sales and marketing staff, and other project team members. While this can be valuable and appropriate in some organizations, most of the time it is not a winning position for test teams. What we see with our clients is that test teams who deliver the most value are those that focus on being a trusted partner to their stakeholders, helping them deliver the highest quality software and systems on time and within budget. In this webinar, illustrated with case studies of successful and unsuccessful test teams, Rex will explain how you can transform your test team into a trusted partner.

Software Testing: Improving the Testing Process 5/22/12

Length: 1h 32m 16s
Download (15.8 MB)


In 2003, Rex’s book, Critical Testing Processes, came out. In it, Rex introduced a test process framework based on criticality, and focused on business value. With the 2012 publication of Rex’s new e-book, Improving the Testing Process, Rex provides a clear set of guidelines on how to use the Critical Testing Processes framework to assess and improve your testing processes. It includes questions to ask and metrics to evaluate. In this webinar, Rex will explain the evaluation guidelines and how to apply them to your organization. You’ll come away ready to get started on bottom-line focused, data-driven improvements to your testing processes.

Software Testing: Testing Strategies from Around The World 4/3/12

Length: 1h 31m 49s
Download (15.8 MB)


This webinar will give attendees an overview of the significant test strategies in use by testers in various industries and business domains around the world. We’ll examine: analytical strategies (where testers analyze requirements or risks to identify the test conditions to cover); model-based strategies (where testers develop a model of the environment in which the system exists, the inputs and conditions to which the system is subjected, and how the system should behave); methodical strategies (where testers use a predetermined set of test conditions, such as a quality standard or set of heuristics); process-compliant strategies (where testers follow a set of processes defined by others, such as Agile testing); reactive strategies (where testers react to the actual system under test rather than trying to pre-plan the testing); and, other strategies in common use. Rex will explain the pros and cons of each of these strategies, and factors that aid or impede success with them. You’ll also learn how to blend test strategies to achieve optimal results, far better than any single strategy can deliver.

Software Testing: Agile Testing Opportunities 3/21/12

Length: 1h 30m 50s
Download (15.6 MB)


Every lifecycle affects testing, and Agile is no exception. A number of elements of the Agile methodologies can create opportunities for testing, when properly implemented. In this webinar, we'll discuss how nine characteristics of Agile methodologies can turbo-charge your testing, specifically examining: the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of automated unit testing; how the re-birth of static code analysis makes removing bugs cheap and easy; the use of code coverage metrics to help quantify confidence; the testing benefits of continuous integration; Agile contributions for automated functional testing; how Agile supports high-quality, lightweight requirements; the benefits of stakeholder review of test conditions; reducing the dreaded test crunch with a sustainable workload; and, how Agile methodologies control technical debt and why that matters for testing. In this free webinar, Rex Black discusses the key testing opportunities created by the Agile approach, so that you can recognize and take advantage of them.

Software Testing: Managing Quality within Budget and Schedule Constraints: Successful and Unsuccessful Techniques 2/10/12

Length: 1h 32m 42s
Download (15.9 MB)


In a perfect world, we would have boundless time and resources to deliver systems with plentiful features, each feature having perfect quality. In the real world, we must balance schedule, budget, features, and quality. When schedule, budget, and features get all of the attention, we have a quality quandary. In this webinar, Rex will discuss ways that test professionals can help their project teams resolve that quandary. First, it’s important to recognize the trade-offs being made, and then test professionals can promote the five elements of making successful trade-offs: shared vision; disciplined management; quality in, and bugs out, throughout; focused testing; and, sending the right message. Rex will illustrate these five elements with a variety of case studies and examples.

Software Testing: The Sherpas of Testing Success: Studies of Successful Independent Test Groups 1/9/12

Length: 1h 30m 47s
Download (15.6 MB)


How can independent test teams guide an organization to success? What organizational options exist for such teams? How does independent testing fit into the software lifecycle? How can we measure success for such team? In this presentation, drawn from three decades of industry experience, Rex will help you find answers to these questions, and to establish—or improve—your independent testing team. Join in the discussion after the initial presentation, and ask Rex about the challenges you face with test estimation.

Software Testing: Five Trends Affecting Testing - Five Years Later 12/14/11

Length: 1h 28m 35s
Download (15.2 MB)


Five years ago, Rex gave a talk in Tokyo, Wellington, Sydney, and Portland where he talked about five trends which were affecting testing, putting testers’ careers at stake, creating both risks and opportunities. The trends: globalization; test automation; commoditization; compliance, regulation, and tort law; and, education and certification. In this webinar, Rex will revisit each of those five trends now, five years on. He’ll talk about the effects that have occurred, the effects that have not occurred, and the effects that are yet to occur. He’ll give you ideas about how to effectively handle these trends, and also some hints about new trends that are emerging.

Software Testing: Listen to Your Defects 11/23/11

Length: 1h 24m 12s
Download (14.5 MB)


As Yogi Berra famously said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.” Or listening for that matter. In testing, we can listen to our defects. Defects can tell us a lot about what’s going on with our projects, a lot about the current quality of our products, and a lot about our software engineering process and its capabilities. For example, how many defects can you expect users to find after you release the product? In some cases, defects can tell us interesting things about what’s not going on, too. For example, when testers have previous hands-on user experience, do they really write better defect reports? In this webinar, Rex will discuss important things test professionals can learn by listening to defects. He’ll illustrate these insights with a variety of case studies and examples. You’ll walk away ready to listen to your defects, and to understand what they’re telling you.

Advanced Software Testing: Integration Testing 10/28/11

Length: 1h 20m 12s
Download (13.8 MB)


This is the eighth webinar in a series on advanced software testing. This one is excerpted from Rex Black’s and Jamie Mitchell’s book, Advanced Software Testing: Volume 3, a book for technical test analysts, programmers, and test engineers. In this webinar, Rex will discuss techniques for integration testing. Integration testing is one of the least-understood and oft-forgotten test levels, but proper integration testing is essential to ensuring that later levels of testing such as system testing and acceptance testing go smoothly. Join this webinar, illustrated with examples throughout, to learn a ways to ensure that integration testing is effective and efficient in your organization.

Software Testing: Test Estimation 09/20/11

Length: 1h 33m 33s
Download (16.1 MB)


How many testers do we need? How many test cases do we need? How many bugs will testing find? How long will testing take? Those are good questions, but those questions are often hard to answer. In this webinar, drawn from three decades of industry experience and materials in his best-selling book Managing the Testing Process, 3rd edition, Rex will discuss fundamental techniques for test estimation. Join in the discussion after the initial presentation, and ask Rex about the challenges you face with test estimation.

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