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Software Testing Expert Services

RBCS has a worldwide team of top-tier expert test professionals to assist your testing group, bring targeted expertise, and help you change and enlarge your team’s scope to meet changing needs. We have the connections, expertise, and leadership to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing organization in significant, measurable ways—guaranteed.

Test automation: Test automation is great, except when it goes wrong, and then it can go very, very wrong.  We have deep expertise in test automation at all levels (unit, integration, and system), and proven experience in putting in place unified test automation strategies that span the entire SDLC and organization.  We can provide guidance and even hands-on help with implementation to deliver measurable, high-ROI test automation that uses exactly the right tools and provides value throughout the test automation pyramid, using highly maintainable tools and tests and an approach that will continue to deliver value over the long term.

DevSecOps: Modern software development practices allow for both shift left (earliest possible detection and removal of defects) and even shift down (prevention of defects), but you need the skills in your team to make this magic work.  We have the expertise to solve your knottiest DevOps and DevSecOps problems, including implementation of CI/CD pipelines that integrate automated tests at all levels (unit, integration, and system) and leverage the latest static analysis tools.

Test bootstrapping:  If your organization is relying on product owners and developers to design, develop, and test quality code, you're missing one of the three amigos: test professionals.  We have proven expertise at integrating professional testers into a development organization, whether embedded within agile teams, organized as a separate testing team, or matrixed.  Fully leverage cutting-edge practices for developing quality software, such a behavior-driven development (BDD), by including test professionals in your software or systems development teams. 

Lawsuit support and due diligence: Evaluating software or system quality, adherence to development and testing best practices, project management and agile practices, and completeness of testing activities are often central to cases where software or systems are involved in lawsuits, or where companies are looking to effect a merger or acquisition.  We have the expertise to support your complex legal or due diligence efforts, whether you're looking for one expert or a team.

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