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October 2016
Newsletter Issue 54
Project Retrospective
An excerpt from The Expert Test Manager: Guide to the ISTQB Expert Level Certification book by Rex Black, Jim Rommens and Leo Van Der Aalst due to be published by Rocky Nook. All material is provisional and may be subject to change.

The aim of a test retrospective - regardless the development approach such as waterfall when working traditionally or scrum when working in an agile way - is to learn from experience gained during the completed testing phase(s) and to document the lessons learned and improvement suggestions for future projects or sprints. As a test manager, you should be able to organize and lead evaluation sessions. A possible way of organizing these sessions includes:
  • Identify and gather evaluation topics
  • Require each team member to participate
  • Ensure mutual trust (open exchange of ideas, no personal 'attacks')
  • Collect all issues and group them
  • Form pairs and give them three minutes to think up as many actions as possible per group
  • Rotate the pairs after three minutes, having them move on to the next group
  • Run through all actions
  • Provide each participant with three votes and ask them to select their favorite actions
  • Identify the most popular actions and determine the action owners
  • Set a maximum time limit, for example, of 60 minutes for an agile retrospective (could be a few hours in a traditional environment)
These 60 agile retrospective minutes apply to the effective amount of time needed. I often have combined such an evaluation session with a lunch, because it was the end of a project and the people had done their best to make a success out of it. Personally, I think it is important to pay some attention to this achievement and thank the people who have done such an excellent job.

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