Performance Testing Workshop - General Description

This course provides test engineers with the essential concepts, the hands-on experience, and the real-world skills needed for effective performance testing. This hands-on course covers performance and related testing types, including demonstrations and exercises on live systems using real-world tools and test scripts. The course covers the major topics associated with performance and performance testing, including:

  • Essential performance (and related testing) concepts
  • Key lessons in performance and related types of testing
  • Dynamic and static performance models
  • Load and load generators
  • Data and data generators
  • Performance test environment configuration
  • Performance testing at the unit and component levels
  • Performance testing at the integration and system levels
  • Integrating performance testing into the software development lifecycle

The topics will be covered through a mixture of three types educational components:

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Exercises

The course will consist of an approximately equal mixture of each type.

This course was created by Rex Black, President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (, Danny Faught, an acknowledged expert on automated testing tools, and Barton Layne, a performance-testing expert.

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