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Pragmatic Software Testing - Private

Testing even a simple system is a potentially infinite task. With tight budgets and schedules, testers need a practical set of tools that will allow them to effectively and efficiently test software and find bugs. 

This course will give attendees those tools. We’ll look at practical techniques like risk analysis and test planning. We’ll talk about static testing of requirements and code. We’ll get hands-on experience with black-box techniques including equivalence classes, decision tables, state-transition diagrams, and orthogonal arrays. We also get hands-on experience with white-box techniques like statement and branch coverage, basis paths, and set-use pairs. We’ll cover documenting test cases, writing bug reports, and tracking test status. We’ll also look at the skills, traits, and attitudes that make testers successful. 

The objectives for this course are as follows:

  • Understand the goals, strategies, and tactics of effective and efficient testing
  • Analyze, prioritize, and document risks to the quality of the system
  • Design, develop, and document static, white-box, and black-box tests, using techniques including:
    • Requirements and code reviews.
    • Equivalence classes and boundary value analysis.
    • Decision tables.
    • Live data and customer workflow testing.
    • State-transition diagrams.
    • Domain testing.
    • Orthogonal arrays.
    • Statement, branch, condition, and path coverage.
    • McCabe unit basis tests.
    • Data flow coverage.
    • Integration test strategies (including backbone integration).
    • McCabe integration basis tests.
  • Execute test cases and track their results
  • Research observed anomalies and write actionable, high quality bug reports

This course includes:

  • Complimentary access for each registrant to the RBCS e-learning course two weeks prior to the first day of the course to two weeks after the last day of the course
  • Instructor-led three-day course
  • A downloadable copy of the complete note set. Download the materials to a PC or mobile device. There is no expiration date on access to this valuable resource as they will be downloadable. Digital rights management and intellectual property rights are protected by some limitations such as the inability to share the file with others. Further, while the materials can be printed, each page includes a prominent watermark.
  • Complete course materials noteset
  • Add-on option to purchase the supplemental text book, Critical Testing Processes

Blended e-learning, licenses and volume discounts are also available for companies.

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